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Fruit Flies Right Up the Spinning Spam

About a year ago, I took a short break from deep thoughts and posted a short recommendation on how to rid your home of the scourge of fruit flies. For a short spin on homespun remedies (with a touch of … Continue reading

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Motherly Insights Include How to Control Children With a Jalapeño

Because I really enjoyed this. Because I couldn’t come up with anything better. Because I took the weekend off and threw Mother’s Day over to a man. I turn over the controls to one of my favorite humorists and a great pal … Continue reading

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Facebook – A Kvetch on FB Narcissism

For the record, I love seeing the things that make my friends, new and not so new, tick. I like to see what makes them laugh. I really do enjoy the hilarious ‘what we did this weekend’ pictures. I love hearing what kids have managed to accomplish, I love to see the pictures of joy posted from all over the world. I freely admit my life is far from overly glamorous or exciting. I must live vicariously. Or is that creepingly? Continue reading

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