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A Man’s Perspective On Abuse by Ned Hickson – “Real Men Have Mastered Control of Themselves, Not Others”

I often say my one true purpose in this lifetime, and my main desired goal, is to raise one good man.  I’m not sure my son feels my purpose is as much heavenly ordained as making him my beast of burden.  I … Continue reading

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Motherly Insights Include How to Control Children With a Jalapeño

Because I really enjoyed this. Because I couldn’t come up with anything better. Because I took the weekend off and threw Mother’s Day over to a man. I turn over the controls to one of my favorite humorists and a great pal … Continue reading

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Blog Tour – “#mywritingprocess”…………….. Hey, it’s Possible it’s Not as Dry as it Sounds, Unless My Martini is Involved, in Which Case We’re Talking Desert Material

I’ve been invited to participate in the 2014 blog tour to explain my writing process, (#mywritingprocess).  Considering the topic, next to my story in 50 words, this should be my shortest post yet.  Should be, but if you know me at all, you … Continue reading

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Never Dare A “Jurnalist”

So, there I was, all comfy in full – all.by.myself.because.everyone.else. was.drenching.themselves.in.Super.Bowl.madness – mode.  I was happily reading in said  peacefulness, when all of a sudden, I felt an instant flash of heat swell up from deep within.  At first I … Continue reading

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