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ICYMI: That Time I Was a Goat Herder

What a month, eh? So much padded wall-level induced activity all around, I know I feel like a bumper car in a maddening institution. Except every bounce-back is a welcome push to a new direction, destination be damned. Speaking of … Continue reading

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Killer Words 2

The best weaponry… Continue reading

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Friday Funnies – ‘Cause, I Had to Put ‘Something’ Together

I didn’t get a ha-ha in for March or April? Wow, time flies in these box loads of crazy that’s passing for life lately. Kinda makes a girl feel like throwing in the towel on societal issues, humanity issues and all ‘Home … Continue reading

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First Blog Resulted in 3 Unbelievable Opportunities!

Four years today… Blog Womaning bliss! The outlet for personal record became a portal of learning, teaching opportunities and making contact with the some of the greatest examples of human decency – and well, admittedly, an occasional dip toward the … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies; ‘Cause We Took a Vote and the Electoral Meme College Carried It

So, so many memes, so, so little time… Hey look, we survived the overwhelming jolly, holly season, the January blues, the February blahs and election seasons that never seem to end even when they’re like, finished – officially and everything… … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies, ‘Cause Otherwise – Christmas Shopping

I love December, the sense of expectation; the ending of another 365 days of history, for better or worse, and as always, the promise of a fresh start. I love the visiting with people I rarely get to see because we’re all … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies, ‘Cause Who Can’t Use a Laugh?

It’s Halloween, pretty much.  Day to day aside, who can seriously take every minute seriously, especially at this time of the year?  Isn’t there some kind of actual law that forbids it anyway? OK then, I’m off the hook, freed as … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies – ‘Cause I Was A Goat Herder

OK, OK, I wasn’t really a goat herder. At least not in the literal sense. It was just a little fun I had with Linkedin.  If you don’t know what Linkedin is, well, neither do a lot of the people who actually … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies – ‘Cause Poutato Is A Thing!

My friend Randall and I shamelessly descended into punny madness and while desperately seeking humor in a gravy boat, I realized it was time for Friday ha ha’s again anyway. So, prepare for a little ‘Meme-y Vice’ right after I demonstrate how we fell into the hell … Continue reading

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What Did You #%&*@* Say?

So, I was reminded not too long ago that my predilection for profanity was especially evident lately. Lately? Where hath these innocents been? Yes, OK, I have a mouth and it’s pretty potty at times, but I believe I’ve earned it honestly. I’m … Continue reading

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