Blackbird Fly…

This is a re-run of a little story from a year or so ago. I’d made a bit of a startling discovery that would provide me with an amusing relationship until this Spring. 

At that time, I realized I’d entered a murderous circle, a plethora of new friends, and an opportunity to crow a little about it, if you will…

… The story of how I’d met my latest gang and a renewed sense of awe for their amazing wits began over a series of 8 Wednesdays.  I’d shared a snack with a few crows that hung around my parking lot. All was a few minutes of cool amusement and then I went on my way.  I didn’t see them again until the following week, another Wednesday. So, I again shared my snack.

The third Wednesday I came out to a whole row of them on the power lines above me, waiting. That made me laugh, but alas, I had no snacks. I couldn’t believe they learned in only 2 sessions which day of the week I’d likely have snacks and about the fact that they knew which day of the week it was!

The next Wednesday, they were there again. Not the day before nor after. Of course I came duly prepared. In the weeks that followed, they changed up the timing a little. As the days got warmer, it seemed as though they decided it was better to come by for a cooler morning treat, so they waited for me to arrive instead. Not one to be seen during my departure in the hot afternoon. Now, about that fact they knew what time I’d arrive!

I guess I could say they trained me as efficiently as my dog has. Absolutely nothing bird-brained about these amazing educators. They paid me back for the sustenance devotion with regular rounds of laughs at their antics and their propensity to show off how they easily outwit other birds.

They got quite brave, or comfortable with me as they’d confidently land at my feet. I especially enjoyed their calls to me as they came down. They alternated between this loud repetitive clicking and what sounded like tongue clucking. Maybe they were just swearing at me in Crow, but I’m choosing to believe they were saying, hey, good to see ya.

They continued their visits faithfully until later this Spring. For the most part, they just stopped showing up. Now and then a straggler or two would come, but then even they finally disappeared.

That’s life, isn’t it? Friends come, and then they go, and these fellas were no different. They definitely changed the drift of  ‘hump day’ for a while though.

I miss them.

You need to click on this pic to get the detail in his glorious face. This fella is the ring leader. He seems to be in charge of summoning the troops and declaring when it’s safe enough to pick through my offerings. He also seemed to be in the mood for this photo shoot. He posed this way and that as he watched for me to toss treats and coos of praise for this grand handsomeness.



27 thoughts on “Blackbird Fly…

    • Ha ha, yes, they are annoying at times and can be even downright brutal. I had the misfortune of watching one tear apart a robin on my lawn a few years ago. Seemed to be an ominous portent… and I suppose I’d be justified in believing it was. Luckily I managed my way through the trials that followed (related or not) and the crows came back to be generous helpers in much friendlier ways.

      Thanks, Michelle. Nice to see you.

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  1. There’s a particular set of power lines on a particular corner of a particular intersection in my neck of the woods that appears to be THE pigeon hangout spot. They sit in a row, similar to your crows, always on the same corner of the intersection. Makes me wonder what it is about that spot.

    Love the puns, by the way.

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    • Yes, we have pigeon gangs on many of those street pole line intersections too. I’m with you in wondering what that is about. There’s a really large group down the road from me that i always want to photograph, but they happen to be on a highway where no stopping is allowed, so I can’t get close enough for a decent shot.

      Thanks for the comment, compliment, and your visit, Becky.

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  2. Every time I see a crow it reminds me of the movie “Birds” and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand. But it seems you have this murder under your control….or maybe it’s the other way around. I wish my kids caught on this quickly.


    • Hahaha…. yeah, I had a bit of a phobia about crows for awhile after an incident a few yrs ago, when one literally tore a robin to pieces on my front lawn. It’s taken a while, but they’ve convinced me their other character traits are watchable, at a minimum. 🙂 And yes, kid training… always a challenge. Thanks, TPP, for your visit.


  3. That is so cool, Kindred! I actually just recently saw a short video about how crows are supposed to be one of the smarter animals and have the brain capacity of a 7 or 8 year old human. So, I’m not surprised they learned your schedule so quickly. 😀 Thanks for sharing the incredible story AND the amazing photos! ❤ xoxo

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  4. This is a great story with a kind of sad meaning at the end but it’s very true. It’s the same here with blogging, most of the people I interacted with a year ago have gone let alone five years ago.

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