Cupid’s Fraudballs – Deep Love Times 1,001

So, not every love story resembles the Harlequin Romance model or the Dr. Phil / Oprah recommendations of ‘healthy’, nor are they as far off the chain as the trailer park trashy gymnastics  of the Jerry Springer couplings either.

Sometimes they’re the stuff of mythical proportions. Heady. Messy. Legendary – Taylor and Burton, Bacall and Bogart, Hepburn and Tracy – all grown from impossible drama seeds planted within the largest of human persona.

They’re the masters of the double black diamond slopes of emotional mountain ranges – INTENSE and tender, RAGING and nurturing, DANGEROUS and comforting …. Mythical Gods come to life, breathtaking to behold, and dizzily staggering to live with.

Not all are destined for fame or the full theatre; some of these lesser-sized immortals are merely just around the cul-de-sac circles, seemingly average neighbours, but just as fiery, and we knew two of them…

K&P Style
He will say she was unforgiving,
She will say he was unbearably untrustworthy.
He will say she is relentless wariness,
And she will say he mercilessly pushes her over limits.
He will say she is insanely focused on rules,
She will say his demands are cruel humiliations.
He will say she refuses to understand him,
She will say, seeking true empathy from him is like talking to the dead.
He will say she is every appalling name in the book,
And she will say, she loathes that he is only either angel or demon.
He seeks her adoring maternal nurturing,
She begs him to stand tall as a real & loyal hero.
She will say he burned down their home,
He will say she lit the match.
He will admit how awful he is,
She will concede that she aches for his good days.
He will say, he despises needing her this much,
She will say, she hates that she will never love another as deeply.
He will trim his beard for her,
She will grow her hair long for him.
He will kiss her neck,
She will take his hand in hers.
He will hold her face,
She will lean her head on his back.
He can be calmed only by living with the ordinary, the banal,
She can be safe only within strength without edges.
Their light has been, will be, entwined for eternity,
They will say goodbye,  1,001 times… or more.


Marianne Williamson said: “Until we have seen someone’s darkness, we don’t really know who they are. Until we have forgiven someone’s darkness, we don’t really know what love is.”

I’d add forgiveness does not mean having to keep anyone in your life. It means getting to your own genuine peace after exiting the dark.

Happy Love Day, to all.  Here’s to the  ups and downs and twists in life, regardless of the degrees, that steer us to our strengths, and hopefully, to our best love.


No Surrender

I am very honored to have this post featured on The Poetry Daily, February 15, 2016

21 thoughts on “Cupid’s Fraudballs – Deep Love Times 1,001

  1. Yep, often love has very little to do about what we -think- about a person and so much more about how we -feel- about a person. Great poem! Have a great weekend and Valentine’s Day!


  2. Love is funny, it can be in those very worst of times or in the most beautiful & celebratory ones, that we truly understand how deep our love is for another. Wishing you love in your heart today & every day my friend..


  3. Passion is such a great word because it defies definition and limits. The same passion that drives two people together can form a wedge. The same passion that offers a slow burn can erupt with unexpected fury. The same passion that brings unparalleled joy can bring crushing sorrow.

    And yet, for all the chaotic, uncontrollable thrashing that passion brings to my life, I cannot imagine and refuse to accept living any other way.

    Live your passions, my friend, and know that you are loved.

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  4. Beautiful poetry Robyn and so very profound. I guess I never thought of passion that way although when I look back it has been very true in my life. Although life has not worked out according to any plans, I have few regrets because I’ve followed my passion – que sera.

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      • Greetings! It is wonderful to be back – just got on the internet late Tuesday night after 3 months off. I missed you guys lot. I started out being hospitalized for a massive infection, then when I got back home the internet was gone – modem problems in the building office. I couldn’t walk so i couldn’t go find a hot spot. Then the management decided to save a few bucks and did not re-activate the internet until after Christmas – mostly students in these buildings. Then I was working on my laptop and spilled a drink on it – it died a heroic death. So, the internet came back and I was using the laptop you so kindly gifted me and I could not get it to hook up to the internet. I took it to the computer shop an it worked for them and they declared it problem free. Took it back home and it wouldn’t connect. I returned to the shop and they said the computer is fine. I called the building management and they sent over the technician who had originally wired the building and his laptop worked on my connection but mine still wouldn’t. He worked for hours trying to get it connected and even checked the router and the modem, etc. no dice. i called a specialist who worked on it here for 2 hours and could not get it to connect. I then called an old friend of mine who is now head of IT for a major retailer and runs a network of about 10,000 computers across Canada along with a room full of mainframes. He spent an hour on the phone with me while we went over all the settings and still it would not work.

        i live just down the street from Ottawa University (very large with 42,000 students) so i called them. I was waiting until I got my cheque this week to take it over for them to diagnose – they are very reasonable and only charge $35 per hour while they use the computer as a teaching example. Then Tuesday it began to snow – a storm from Texas – and it snowed and snowed and snowed, the biggest one day storm in the history of Ottawa with 50 cm in 17 hours. I had a small electric heater on and decided to have grilled hot dogs for supper. I had picked up a Foremen grill for a few bucks used and wanted top try it. i put them on the grill and then decided i wanted my hot dog buns toasted, not heated, so I put them in the toaster oven and turned it on bake – thoughtless – and with a “Pop!” I was in the dark. blew the breakers. They are located downstairs in the basement and only the manager has access – so I called him, confessed, and he trudged over . I had the laptop open and was working on a document (it had switched to battery when the lights went out and was actually doing a good job lighting the room – Ha!) when the lights came back on. As I sat down a pop-up screen materialized that asked me to categorize the network I was plugged into (there is a LAN here in the building that then leads to the modem and a WAN). Not sure what it was doing, I chose “Public Network” (I had earlier disabled the home network you had installed thinking it may be interfering – it wasn’t) – the screen disappeared and another pop-up materialized saying “You are now connected to the internet.” i did not believe that – it had been 3 months, including 6 weeks on the new laptop – as it sometimes declared that when it wasn’t true (especially if I forced it) Bored, I went into programs (I had reset and removed all but IE in an attempt to clear the way), clicked on IE and it went online.

        I could not believe my eyes. I called my neighbor and he ran over to see as he had been helping to try and get it online. It has been perfect since. There must have been a breaker that was partially open and resetting it solved the problem. Very surreal. So, I am telling everyone that the problem was solved by a hot dog bun in the worst snowstorm in history. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        In the process of getting the laptop checked I was told that this baby is top of the line with more power and memory than even the pros have. One tech couldn’t believe it and checked the system to verify. This is one heck of a gift you gave me Robyn – thank you so very, very much. I missed you fiercely. 😀

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        • Oh my God – What a hell of a story! Freaking epic Paul level! Just wow!

          And man, I am so glad you got it going. I was oh so hopeful that you would find it a useful tool for your many needs, and for whatever reason, the fates decided now is that time.

          I wonder, my epic friend, now that we know you are back to capable of publishing, if you would like to do a guest post for me sometime within a few weeks?

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        • Consider it done – I’ll have it to you by the end of next week. Thank you for the opportunity. 😀

          P.S. – this baby is faster than anything I have ever used. I downloaded a 300 meg movie yesterday and it took about 5 minutes – unreal. That would have taken about 3 hours with my last computer. I don’t download much but I wanted to see what this race car would do. Whew!


        • LOL – I’m so glad it’s working for you and yes, I liked to watch a few things on it too… too funny. Take your time, and send it to my email whenever you’re ready. I’m thinking it would be good for around the 29th…

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