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What Did You #%&*@* Say?

So, I was reminded not too long ago that my predilection for profanity was especially evident lately. Lately? Where hath these innocents been? Yes, OK, I have a mouth and it’s pretty potty at times, but I believe I’ve earned it honestly. I’m … Continue reading

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Anchor-age, Not the Alaskan Kind

No matter what kind of curve ball life throws, even those 359 degree ones, there are two things that demand focus in any way they can get it – cookies and bacon.

Okay yes… Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve Learned – Mostly the Hard Way – and I Have the Scars to Prove It. [Hindsight|The Daily Post]

A few years ago I re-joined the ‘Critically Facing Your Mortality Club’. It’s an event that can sort of become semi-normal when you’re challenged with a chronic health issue; in my case, a rare disease that defies prognosis attempts. I … Continue reading

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Big Troubles and a Fence

Being bullied as a kid feels like you’re walking out into a dangerous field that’s surrounded by a big fence electrified by fear. I remember this from when I was nine years old. I’ll always remember because no one forgets their … Continue reading

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Educate, Not Dominate

(Warning:  usage of full racial epithets in this opinion piece, because I don’t believe one is more important or blatant than the rest in this point of view).   Our truths are largely based on what side of a fence … Continue reading

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What Did You #%&*@* Say?

For about a millennium now it’s been said that kids say the darnedest things. I know this truth first-hand and I’ve kept a journal to capture a good number of eyebrow raising, head scratching, and are you for real statements my son has spouted since he started spouting.

I’ve always encouraged free and open speech with him. I adore hearing what comes out of that new and unfettered brain. The only thing I have forbidden him to say is swear words. It’s not that I’ve pretended that swearing doesn’t happen; we are all aware of its worldwide domination, thus he has in fact heard such a word or two in the homeland.

He has attempted to copy those words, but only once, (that I know of), OK, technically twice, but the second time was just … Continue reading

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