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Half-Breed to Metis – My Return from a ‘Savage’ Wilderness; PART 2

A former story revised, Part 2: Aside from having to dream up a name to match any exotic ancestry I could claim, my real family history was more colourful than that anyway. Continue reading

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Half-Breed to Metis – My Return from a ‘Savage’ Wilderness; PART 1

A former story revised, Part 1: My name is Pipisew. I grew up with deep and even unconscious shame about my childhood. I blamed most of it on the fact that I’d been born an “Indian”. I would learn that in fact, my ancestry did indeed have a great deal to do with that, but not for the reasons I’d been taught… Continue reading

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19 Women and A Guy Had a Chat In 27 Sentences and 50 Shades of Black & White…

A couple of years ago I wrote about a voracious online predator who tracked vulnerable blogging women and the aftermath of his being found out.  I cautioned then about the need to use extra care when interacting with people we really do … Continue reading

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That Time I Saved Me From Him

His cadre of women was a numbers game and his love for numbers mattered more than quality… They were at various levels of need and were quite willing to rationalize betrayals or even safety…

.. Continue reading

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That’d be right, Babe

He was a little less oblivious than she believed.  He’d feel it now, without seeing anymore, how her expression would change from the melancholic stare out at the water while she washed dishes or while they were out on the … Continue reading

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Songs of Small Town Mothers and Daughters

Once in a while, my mother plays for me an old country song called, “Idol of the Band”.  One of the chorus lines speaks to a brief bittersweet period of shining glory for a young woman from humble beginnings. We … Continue reading

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My Mother, the Nun

Alright, my mother isn’t, and wasn’t ever, a nun.  She grew up wanting to be one, but life has a way of trading dreams on people, and I was the first trade-off. Her life wasn’t anywhere close to a serene … Continue reading

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Dejah, The Warrior

I hardly know this young boy who impacted my life and so many others so profoundly. What kid is all that interested in their mother’s friends anyway? And so, I came to know him mostly through her, our Glo.

She is that quintessential statement of strength and courage, which can almost sound like a cliché, but it isn’t when it’s applied to a parent facing one of all our worst fears. Which is what happened to her and she, true to character, faced that nightmare fully and head-on.

He was only three years old when they were told… Continue reading

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What Did You #%&*@* Say?

For about a millennium now it’s been said that kids say the darnedest things. I know this truth first-hand and I’ve kept a journal to capture a good number of eyebrow raising, head scratching, and are you for real statements my son has spouted since he started spouting.

I’ve always encouraged free and open speech with him. I adore hearing what comes out of that new and unfettered brain. The only thing I have forbidden him to say is swear words. It’s not that I’ve pretended that swearing doesn’t happen; we are all aware of its worldwide domination, thus he has in fact heard such a word or two in the homeland.

He has attempted to copy those words, but only once, (that I know of), OK, technically twice, but the second time was just … Continue reading

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This SHOULD be Ancient History by Now! To the Thoughts Mostly Unspoken About First Nations

Response to post Half-Breed to Metis, My Return from a Savage Wilderness:

Anon.( for the sake of mutual friend): The bogus multicultural self-identifying that happens in this country is ridiculous, especially when it comes to the inheritors of the first nations.

How do you think that “the white people” survived when they got here? Exactly in the same way that the First Nations people did, hunting, fishing, gathering, and building their own shelters. The main difference is that the “white people” sought to advance and grow as a society, rather than try and piggy back on the work and efforts of others. Continue reading

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