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Yes, I am That Confident – Up Yours!

It was 3 years ago that I posted the Facebook rant that launched my blogging career. Sometimes when you feel a little lost and like you need to meet you again, the re-set button can be as easy as looking into your own … Continue reading

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That! Is My Answer

Someone once reached an uncharted part of me… Only one time … Ever… Finally! Someone dived deeply into my needs and said I will fight for them. I will be the salve that fills them. I can do that.  I … Continue reading

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Half-Breed to Metis – My Return from a ‘Savage’ Wilderness; PART 1

A former story revised, Part 1: My name is Pipisew. I grew up with deep and even unconscious shame about my childhood. I blamed most of it on the fact that I’d been born an “Indian”. I would learn that in fact, my ancestry did indeed have a great deal to do with that, but not for the reasons I’d been taught… Continue reading

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With a Little Help From My Friends; Karen Kelt, “In Pursuit Of Normal & Stirrup Pants”

…a dear friend of mine has been on a remarkable and sometimes unrecognizable, journey of transformation … Continue reading

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Weird Normal & Cancer Envy; Part One of Bear With Me

Friends, Ed & E called. They were concerned, curious mostly about the intensity and/or emotional topics on my recent posts, and because I’ve been missing in action. I have been quieter in general, but to address some of their concern, I explained that I usually write … Continue reading

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Yes, I am That Confident – Up Yours!

I admit I was somewhat shocked at that charged-up energy coming at me. There are all kinds of ways to respond, but at the time I was more engrossed in the issue that precipitated the results of her research and it didn’t really register. Continue reading

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