That! Is My Answer

Someone once reached an uncharted part of me…
Only one time …


Someone dived deeply into my needs and said I will fight for them. I will be the salve that fills them.

I can do that.  I will do that – because you are so fucking worth it.


It was that –  that ignited a visceral, cellular level response revealing a deeply buried gratitude effervescing in complete joy to the surface of my being.  For him.

It would take that to have me soaring after eagles again.
It’s what separates punks from the men,
The heroes from the ... weak.
It takes that for me to feel loved,
And safe,
And secure.

It’s that…
that I want
and need…
It was always,


Why would I settle for anything else, ever again?
Settle for what?

Nothing, less than – that.


The end of tributes… I lay down tobacco today to finish the healing.

16 thoughts on “That! Is My Answer

  1. Aw, babygirl. Yes, just like MamaMick said, you were always and only meant for the best. I know it’s been hard, but I feel it. Your heart is coming back and it won’t be long before we get your body to catch up. Hold on, sweet sis. ❤

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    • Well, if it’s too hard for someone to honestly cherish, and practise loyalty, respect and honesty, well, I can state truthfully, I’d rather be alone.

      and hey, you know I will be there – and here! lol. Thanks for letting me know. And maybe you’ll get here in time for my birthday!! Woo-hoo…

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  2. What an absolutely incredible meditation and honoring of deep love. This is absolutely a gift.

    You are a *very* deep writer, wonderfully perceptive. Incredibly glad I read this piece.

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      • It is my pleasure It was a joy to read this, a true gift. I recognized myself in your words, which validated a few things I was thinking but had not articulated w/ this kind of clarity (or eloquence). Thank you for letting me find myself in this amazing composition. I look forward to reading more of your work!

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