Friday Funnies – ‘Cause, Why Not?

Sometimes life gifts you with a week… month… year(?)… you just wanna forget… Feelin’ like a ha ha or two?… Me too…


I’m guessing named after an outthanding dentith  – DOH!

guess who

I was feeling a little peckish when I picked this..

constipation joke

Yeah, typical reaction to my jokes too…

Earth meetcow

Me and Cow are on the same wavelength…


Seriously… think about it.

CSI case

I hope they solve this before it’s too late.

Dads selfie

I am so freaked out that they have a gumball machine in the bathroom!

dinners ready

Son will confirm… just ask.


I think it could be for my kind of mentality.

best things in life are Cree

Ha!  Yeah well, at least my mommy thinks so…

Have a great weekend… see you on the funny pages – or in the padded rooms. Either way, I promise to laugh maniacally.

RL, out!

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