Monday Blues and Champagne

Monday Blues 1-1
…And so I got a little bit drunk on a Monday afternoon….
It was just a little bit too much to deal with, all the bad news of the fall…
It was just a little bit too much.
No, I don’t do this often… I don’t do it often at all actually,
But today, I did
Because the sound of silence was not a comfort today.
Today the silence threatened to silence, even me.
A little champagne with the omelette,
To dampen despondency … to throw a block at that insidious intrusion sneaking in …
The judge that reminds me of my failures, blames me for my losses, wants to decline my sense of safe esteem.
I did get a little bit drunk
To evade the judgement that sentences me to self-recriminating hell for losing to the merely inane.
I got a little bit drunk this afternoon,
When all the meditation in the world wasn’t enough.
So I could instead turn to only the encouragement of lovely, thinking people.
So I could feel the comfort of gorgeous words that were written to assuage my fears.
So, I could remember that these people matter, and to know that the insidious, more than anything,  especially on Mondays, could use … a little champagne.



There are no words worthy of the gratitude I feel toward the people who champion me in the hard times as much as during the laughs. I raise my glass to the ones who prod me to carry on, and carry on with my words even within my fears that I will give away too much.

To the ones whose own words speak so directly to my heart that they give me a strength they can’t possibly imagine – thank you… thank you… thank you…

To the women who worked so efficiently to enlighten me about what is, thank you.

Photo Credit: Darren Quarin, Quarin Photography, “A Glimmer of Hope”

19 thoughts on “Monday Blues and Champagne

  1. I feel your pain today even though I don’t know what you are going through or why you are so sad. I want you to know that I am your friend and even though I am on the other side of the Country I am here with you in spirit.

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    • Thanks, Cuz… I’m sure we’ll catch up soon enough, and thank you for the commiseration. I love knowing that you are there for me, it really does mean so much. I think that I’m turning the corner though. A little time and with family coming to help, the load will lighten soon… hugs.


  2. Sometimes a little bit drunk on a Monday is not such a bad thing. Sometimes. But it leads to Advil and water on Tuesday. Which makes champagne on a Monday seem like a bad thing. But it’s not, necessarily, as long as it’s only sometimes. I kind of wish I could have that kind of Monday. But I haven’t had a Monday off work since the last time Christmas was on a Monday.

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      • I’m glad you don’t have a headache. As far as me having a Monday off… I don’t even get a day off when I’m on vacation. Good for my liver, bad for my stress level.

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