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I Would Die For My Words, But I’ll Stand With My Superpower

“Why are you speaking out so much? You’re going to get hurt”. Going to get hurt? I’ve been hurt my whole life, what don’t I already know about hurt?  I’ve been hurt deeply enough to have died.  Literally.  (Life skillz … Continue reading

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Less is More, For a Third

There are the times when the truism, ‘less is more’, is the ultimate results building block. I enjoyed this simplification of processing to action when it came on my media feeds: the disbelief, the hurt, the despair, then the full-on kick … Continue reading

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Thug Angels

His vision, his world, a shambles Soul matter blasted into splinters His prayers for freedoms and joys splayed Across the Universe The result of his grasping in silt for light He blamed her, she who berated him For his throwing … Continue reading

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