I Would Die For My Words, But I’ll Stand With My Superpower


“Why are you speaking out so much? You’re going to get hurt”.

Going to get hurt? I’ve been hurt my whole life, what don’t I already know about hurt?  I’ve been hurt deeply enough to have died.  Literally.  (Life skillz pro tip: I highly recommend dying near a handy defibrillator; CPR hurts like a bitch – for days).

As a matter of record, this year has been one of the most painfully tumultuous for me and yet, I’m still here and I’m still talkin’ – unflinchingly.

I wish to continue asking people to step out of what they’ve learned is ‘success’ and question if it truly makes their heart sing, keeps them at peace and benefits anyone/anything else outside of constant, immediate personal gratification.

Well known, feminist activist, Gloria Steinem said, women become more activist conscious and engaged as they grow older because they lose power. I agree with her, re: our current paradigm.  We are prized for our beauty, our ‘niceness’; especially our willingness to ‘pleasantly get along’ regardless of any inequity levels in front of us.

She also said, men gain power as they age; that many tend to become more conservative – because they become more fearful about losing that advantageous power and so will use whatever manner to constrict others to protect that cushion.

I believe her words. I’ve lived them, but I refuse to accept them for me and my son.

This year especially highlighted my weaknesses, particularly from a genetic disease that doesn’t allow me to march or dance in all the ways I love, and from profound losses that reshaped my life, but I found ways to help change old paradigms anyway.

I’ve been gifted words and words are a superpower.

My words burst or seep in all kinds of form. I’ll write statement after statement about injustices that ignite my passion or calls to fierceness.  I often confess my words can be a stream of the most colorful profanity, that I could be speaking 6 other languages I don’t even know. Sometimes my words just want to be heard in the softest tones of poetry.  Sometimes my words are filled with laughter, and sometimes my words can embarrass the hell out of me.

What my words mostly are though, are a life source; a critical part of my purpose.  It’s been said so since I first spoke (a string of 3 expletives). My family gleefully and variously confirmed it with all sort of eye-roll inducing teases.

So, in answer to my concerned friend that I may get hurt by my expanding work to speak up against injustice – yes, I may, but since when is stretching not painful? On a personal level,  I’ve turned that around. I now refuse to spend any unnecessary time with anyone over 30 who refuses to relate in a straightforward grown-ass manner. I can confirm, time is precious. As Betty White said, “Vagina up, man”. She explained, why say,  ‘grow a pair’, when testicles are really quite fragile? We’re talking about actual birth canals; talk about taking a beating”! Man, I love that woman! Anyway, maybe this’ll net me fewer conversations, but saving time and connecting with people in a more real way for purposes greater than myself seems in fact, to be the point of my life.

I know that’s not entirely the pain my friend is concerned with, but – I can speak with some fair firsthand authority now, to assure that the most painful hurt, is not harsh words or bruises, broken bones, CPR or even dying. Outside of losing loved ones, what hurts most, is indifference.

So, I’ll continue to ask, which of our success representations are truly so valuable that we couldn’t live without them?  We don’t have to die to learn most of what we fear losing is really, not so much after all, but many do die because we refuse to look at the question.

We do everything we can for the safety and comfort of our loved ones, but will we extend that to include those who have suffered on any level for that comfort? If you don’t know who that is, please, please seek to learn; we need to look beyond our own small space in this great big world. Indifference is the poison that is instantly diluted by even the simplest act of compassion.  Just do it. I know you want to.


19 thoughts on “I Would Die For My Words, But I’ll Stand With My Superpower

  1. You are right, indifference does hurt, it cuts very deeply. And you are also right that words are a super power, one that you possess! So keep using those words! When you share them here, I for one will listen and I’ll try to react in one way or another so that you know at least one person out here is listening. I hope you have a good 2017, much, much better than 2016.

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    • Thank you, Trent – and from your keyboard to the Universal ear!!! Thank you, so much again, for sticking by me too even though I haven’t been able to reciprocate the time. You’ve a wonderful heart, along with your awesome talent. I am so grateful to have crossed your path. xo.

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  2. If you do not speak with purpose, do not speak.
    If you do not live with passion, you do not live.
    I, for one, am daily grateful that you are the woman you have decided to be, and that I can share that aura.
    You have my undying love and gratitude.

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    • I don’t think I can ever find the words to give you what you deserve for how you have managed, somehow, from so far away, and without a breath in front of my face, prop me up during the worst of those 2016 moments. If you are aware of anything from 2016, I hope it will be that your heart was responsible in part for helping to save the heart, sanity, maybe even the life of a lost soul on the other side of a whole country. Your power is rather magnificent… Thank you, my friend.

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      • Wow…just saw this post. You are, of course, welcome.

        I am glad that I have provided you some light and in whatever ways have helped you heal your soul.

        Whatever I have I share happily with you, as I share in your amazing energies. You are a beautiful spirit who deserves much happiness and serenity.


  3. Very well written.

    “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”
    – these words has always been my life line, still alive… 🙂

    Many young men are so buzy singing “We are the champions” that they don’t see or care about danger – old men aren’t as strong as the young ones, but became wisere and have the power related to the young men.

    Guessing that many young girls are missing some self-confidence and some belief in their own abilities – so they follow – as they get older so they see their own strengths more clearly – thus they get more courage and confidence.

    Miss so much – that women and men exploit the synergies together – exploit the respective strengths and weaknesses – we can learn a lot from each other, first we must recognize that we are perhaps different thinking but equal – I love girls who dare kicking the door in, ain’t afraid of them… 😀

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  4. “Indifference is the poison that is instantly diluted by even the simplest act of compassion. Just do it. I know you want to.” Yes!

    You have been gifted indeed. I follow your words. They are important to me (an old, white settler).

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  5. Today we were blessed to join a good many friends for a friend’s birthday celebration.Sitting, surrounded by women and men who have spent their lives deeply engaged in the world, people who still care deeply and place themselves on the line for others, was a joy. I think you would have been right at home.
    Thank you for bringing the courage of the ancestors into this life. I strongly believe that when you pass into spirit and stand before the grandmothers, they will be proud of you.

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    • Thank you, Michael… and you’re right, that sounds like a gathering I’d enjoy very much.
      I thank you most for the sentiment that the grandmothers will be proud of me. They are foremost in my mind for most of my efforts. Thank you for your thoughts on that – it brought tears to my eyes in gratitude and hope. Hiy Hiy. Happy New Year, the happiest and healthiest for you too… xo.


  6. You are spot on. And when women express their honesty, inner strength and power, they are often called ugly names, treated like insane tyrants, while men are referred to as virile, powerful, strong and wise, it is the original hypocrisy of man.

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    • dweezer!! Awesome to see you… thank you for your thoughts and understanding. I think there are many who recognize that hypocrisy and I sincerely hope we manage to kick a huge dent in it in 2017. Cheers to us! 🙂


  7. Your words certainly dance and spit fire here, R. I am glad you are insisting on a new life, which took a paradigm shift (which not everyone is smart enough to make). I’ve said on my blog men age like wine, women like milk. LOL. (CrY….) Laugh and guard your joy.

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    • Thank you, for your awesome thoughts and the laugh. What a great gift for the end of the year. Here’s to an awesome new year for you too… we will laugh and laugh and guard our joy. Cheers!


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