Friday Funnies, ‘Cause Otherwise – Christmas Shopping

I love December, the sense of expectation; the ending of another 365 days of history, for better or worse, and as always, the promise of a fresh start.

I love the visiting with people I rarely get to see because we’re all swimming madly to meet every -must do to keep living- lists, which mostly are about keeping groceries in stock. Yep, eating… that never gets old. Plus, you tend to rethink invitations when you remember that -company’s coming over- cleaning. Ugh. That got old for me by around 10:00am on January 1st.

I used to love shopping for those -just perfect for whomever- gifts. Somewhere around 2008, I lost the drive. Now, if I can’t find it and online, I employ my newest motto, “perfection is the enemy of good enough”.

Thus, I’m at that place in the month where I become the Al Bundy of the malls. I gladly stay home, sit on the couch in some grey polyester pants and stare mindlessly at a screen. Could even be only a window screen desperately in need of a serious vacuuming. Whatever. It keeps me safe from lineups and carts slamming into my Achilles tendons.

So, here we go, heading for the  path of least resistance, Memeville Mall, which I happened to discover while staring at a screen….


Anyone who even just looked at a dog once, knows this is gospel.


Took me a minute.  You?


Mwahahahahahaaaaa… Whose ready to be yarn?


For my peeps. You know who you are.


…(or bumps your Achilles tendon with a cart)


I got nothin’. Well, maybe a dozen of these. Sigh.


It whispered back, at 10 kbph, time for tequila.


Emergency services, a single’s best friend. Am I right?


Just please make room for Jack this time…


The quintessential Canadian Christmas scene.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve got for this week.  Some of you are quite glad that’s over, and I understand. See you next week!


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