Less is More, For a Third

There are the times when the truism, ‘less is more’, is the ultimate results building block.

I enjoyed this simplification of processing to action when it came on my media feeds: the disbelief, the hurt, the despair, then the full-on kick ass course correction.

My process my entire life

My process my entire life

Only two courses of action have created the worst of every social situation – those who have pursued them and the others who turned their face away from it.

We need to push ourselves through fear, uneasiness, and comfort and get in front of people who have less. We are the third option. Yes, it is that simple.



Story in Seven Words…

…And life goes on for the free…

Their history need not matter. All reasons for discord, glossed over. The prayers of the descendants of those on whom ‘freedom’ was built, can only grow.  The work for root causes to finally be addressed set back. Maybe for only a step, maybe for more.

The voiceless and the weaker were at the window, for a short while. They reflected back what was really under the covers.  Too much truth was unbearable and the shutters were pulled again.  Truths were too unwieldy and the victimizers quickly became the downtrodden for having to feel the consequences of their own centuries.

Suddenly feeling any of the oppression of those centuries for the whole of five minutes that was their ordeal and they, the free, could no longer go on.

Is it true then, that when it comes to real equality, the ones who are ‘more equal’, will always and ever refuse any of the pain of the lessers? It is real then, that you can only be good and noble as long as you aren’t required to pinch it in for any amount, in any truly changing and meaningful way?

I know how that looks to the people who held up the mirror for those minutes.

Yes, life is back to normal for the truly free…