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Posting Fireworks That Burn

Maybe it’s because I’m old-ish, but I can’t quite see how physical distance really justifies these behaviors. Has the new reach out and touch someone technology made it OK to share this kind of intimacy because you’re not really touching? Continue reading

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Hello Kettle, Black Pots Steam & Trumpet

Some pots are so blackened that they think they gleam only in the color of innocence, and are the only innocents that matter. Makes you just wanna smack ’em! Sorry, Karma, but there are those days, you know. From Wikipedia: … Continue reading

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The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Was Not UPS and FEDEX

UPS and FEDEX committed heinous crimes against Christmas tradition for some families, and the aftermath of it makes me somewhat disheartened and fairly disgusted.  So many families had their Christmases ‘ruined’ by the lack of their packages arriving in time … Continue reading

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