The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Was Not UPS and FEDEX

ups GrinchUPS and FEDEX committed heinous crimes against Christmas tradition for some families, and the aftermath of it makes me somewhat disheartened and fairly disgusted.

 So many families had their Christmases ‘ruined’ by the lack of their packages arriving in time for Christmas morning.  I watched some of these poor folks on the TV news.  There they were, some spitting out their anger and dismay in almost purple garland rage, while others tried so valiantly to hold onto their sobs and emotion while choking out the horrible details about the lack of Christmas for them this year.  Still others cried outright, tears flowing in sheer bitterness.  All of this played out on screens across the continent, actually internationally.

Only moments earlier I watched how thousands of people had no heat or lights for the last six days because of snow and ice storms that hit the Eastern Seaboard in an actual bitter way, which incidentally was also part of the reason for some of the late deliveries.

People were looking for any spot of warmth, while police were going door to door to make sure seniors who live alone were safe, or even still alive.  People were describing how they were sleeping in layers of winter clothing, and some were putting new winter camping gear fully to the test inside their homes.  I wonder what they’d think about the hardship of those poor people inconvenienced by the overloaded late efforts of two package shipping companies?

 Even with that thought aside, I really had to wonder what the reporters were thinking as they recorded the trials of these belatedly gifted. I really had to wonder why these people were celebrating December 25th to begin with.  Apparently their day really is only about the packaging.

How could they, so completely, have missed knowing that the only thing of value truly lacking was the point of Christmas?


 Happy 2014 and much success to all.  Thank you for being a part of my blogging family.

13 thoughts on “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Was Not UPS and FEDEX

  1. We’re in Michigan and my family of six lost power for five days. It was certainly an unusual Christmas! Having no power, I didn’t catch much news about delayed packages….but I was blown away, when checking the local news FB page (to see estimated power restoration times) to see how many people who were posting belligerently about their lack of CABLE. I thought….OMG, REALLY?
    We were fortunate enough to have a gas stove, and the ability to make grilled cheese and spaghetti sauce sandwiches for Christmas dinner, the six of us with two dogs crammed in the living room. Many, many in our area did not have that….I was reading about so many families with young children who were eating peanut butter sandwiches at warming stations set up in various churches.
    But hey, guys, the top priority is for you to not miss a rerun of Two and a Half Men, right?
    Priorities, people.


    • Yes, these are the stories that I thought were the compelling ones, so I was actually surprised that the news organizations even bothered giving a voice to the people who could only complain that they didn’t get their parcels in time. On the other hand, I suppose it could be news that there were so many people in that group. I am glad that you and your family were able to make the most out of an uncomfortable situation.
      Thank you so much for your visit and comment. Cheers to your 2014!


  2. Of course, what the media portray and the actuality are two different things, as always. Yes, the reporters were able to find some people to kvetch on-camera. But most people just took the delivery problem in stride and adjusted to the situation. “Santa’s sleigh got stuck in the snow.” Or whatever.


  3. Thanks to the linesmen and NB Power for doing your best to get everyone connected again. Total gratitude for the linesmen from other provinces who volunteered to fly into the blackout areas from other provinces over Christmas.


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