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Thug Angels

His vision, his world, a shambles Soul matter blasted into splinters His prayers for freedoms and joys splayed Across the Universe The result of his grasping in silt for light He blamed her, she who berated him For his throwing … Continue reading

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The Mirror – {short story}

A foray into short fiction…. or is it possible this is the truth for many who love among us?

God made me a Mirror…. Continue reading

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Dumb & Dumber – In Only One Brain

Yes, Virginia, it is possible to make a giant, colossal ass of yourself. I do it all the time… Continue reading

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How Do You Know Someone Loves You?

I once had someone ask me, “Even if I were to change my wicked ways, how would you know”? Well, that’s a lot to wonder, isn’t it?  I wasn’t sure I would or could know given the circumstances he was … Continue reading

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Warrior Woman – The Valkyrie, Power Haikus

The Valkyrie wears My scar from top to bottom She was always me She consciously waits For warriors worthiest Of Her heart and light… There’s no need to pose For only the truly fierce Are called by the Gods RL RE: Keep It Simple … Continue reading

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When I Set Fire To The Pain

… and I won’t say it, but it breaks my heart to know that it will happen someday for even my sweet, sweet baby. And another tear falls… Continue reading

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Posting Fireworks That Burn

Maybe it’s because I’m old-ish, but I can’t quite see how physical distance really justifies these behaviors. Has the new reach out and touch someone technology made it OK to share this kind of intimacy because you’re not really touching? Continue reading

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The 3 demons urged Sacrifice the Valkryie Aye, smirked he, it’s done She rose to the light After shedding wings of blood Freed of all demons Demon sustenance Disrespect, disloyalty Forever vanquished RL FY   R,FCFF,D,&L Related post: Faded Promises, Old Stories

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Karma Knows Intentions… You Can Run, But…

They say Karma is a bitch and believe me, having met her face to face, I can tell you first-hand that yes, she is.   She recently decided to feed me a fresh batch of payback stew – with a pitchfork.  … Continue reading

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The Color de Mon Amour

I used to wear red For those days of look at me But now, red wears me RL Thanks for the amazing image from Red Dancer and thanks, friends for guiding me to further inspiration and the challenges of finding new ways … Continue reading

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