Photo Project: … Reluctant Releases …

Portrait 1Relentless year called
I became a waterfall
I was swirled away

Portrait 2Released old dreams; moved
They commanded me, let go
Heart crushed from goodbyes

Portrait 3New is on its way
Release dross for destiny
All reward is nigh

Portrait 4Trust what angels say
Tears are healing; scars get cleansed
Real love fills all wounds

Life is pushy when it wants the best for you. Sometimes you have to give in & give up, a lot…

When this photo shoot was set up in the spring, I knew I wanted to wear the dress I’d hung in public the previous October 4th as requested by Metis artist, Jaime Black. Her ‘REDress Project’ is an art-based awareness campaign in tribute to missing and murdered Indigenous women. Red dresses represent these women. (See tree photo and background notes here)

I’d chosen to hang my dress under my beloved weeping willow tree. That seemed like a poignant statement in itself.  At the time of that participation, I was soul surfing through a course of life-altering loss, trauma, and life and death events.

In a way, even that gorgeous tree experienced the same before it let loose its majestic beauty. I’d saved it years before from being brutally hacked at when my ex would attempt to eradicate the ‘strange weed’ growing in the middle of our yard.  …  I guess my point is, there was a whole lot of understanding under and within that tree.

So, when I met up with Nadya Kwandibens, a very skilled and renowned photographer who honored me with her talent, she suggested we head to a local park and search for more of a nature-based/natural background.  When we arrived, she scanned the landscape and then she pointed and said, “There – head over there, I think we should get you under those trees” –  the weeping willows.

Nope, she had no idea of my story, it was just how this particular circle would finish.  It seemed like a good omen and I suppose it was.  I have come through what I think is the greater part of those trials and I have gained new strengths and continue to build them.

From a time I was certain I couldn’t even breathe for another 5 minutes to standing up tall enough to see – that no matter how hard the testing, no matter how hard life knocks at me, I will keep getting up. I know that now, because even when there shouldn’t have been a way I could have, I somehow did.

Like my tree, I am still standing.



Photos by Nadya Kwandibens, Red Works Photography
You and I, there’s air in between

29 thoughts on “Photo Project: … Reluctant Releases …

  1. This is such a beautiful post Robyn, as is the spirit you possess. I love the light in the second photo, it seems to capture the essence of your words & your journey. Contine to stand tall my friend❤️

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    • Ned, I wish I had words now, that could tell you what you did for me within the worst of the crises… but, there just really aren’t any. I love your heart so much and the way you use it to share your deep compassion with genuine kindnesses. I couldn’t be more proud to be able to say, Ned Hickson is my friend.

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    • I could take those words and toss them right back at you, with bacon. I have so enjoyed your humor and wit and smarts and kindness when I really needed those the most. You are a great person, Randall, and an even better friend.

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  2. Hey Robyn – just want to say I love reading your stuff. Although you and I have different paths I think that we’ve experienced a lot of parallel things. Life doesn’t seem to get easier, but I’m still standing, as are you!



    • Hey, Sandra! Thanks so much for following me – still! 😀 Seriously, thanks very much for your kind words, especially because yes, I do know that you’ve had some years of a hard walk too. Yup, we’re still standing, and I might add, we’ve never looked better standing here either! 🙂


  3. Oh, Robyn, that sounded like my story you were telling. Yes, we’re still breathing (I had to remind myself to do that this past year) and we’re facing the right direction. This was an amazing post. I totally related. I know you are an important person in my life. A sister. You are such a lovely woman in every way. So glad to have ‘found’ you.


    • Thank you, Robin. Yes, my friend, we are still breathing and we will find the purpose and a point to use all that we’ve gone through for. I know you will hear it in your soul too. Wishing only lightness and sun for you too from now on. Hugs. xo.


  4. Walking through the woods, purifies the soul gently but effectively.
    Especially if we meet one of the beautiful forest fairies dressed in red.
    Their smiles bring fresh energy and waves of positivity. 🙂


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