Friday Funnies – ‘Cause I Was A Goat Herder

OK, OK, I wasn’t really a goat herder. At least not in the literal sense. It was just a little fun I had with Linkedin.  If you don’t know what Linkedin is, well, neither do a lot of the people who actually use it.

How do I know that? Well, because once in a while I like to test the efficacy of certain operating procedures in my world. This time I wondered about the effectiveness of my notifications on Linkedin, so I made a couple of changes to my profile.  I changed my name to Shelley Miller and I ramped up my rather average marketing title to ‘Goat Herder’.  I also changed my location to Montana for good measure and then I kept that profile up for two weeks.

Goat herder Shelley Miller

Goater herder MONTANA

Do you know what kind of response I got to all these changes in my life? Nothing. Nada. Not even a blip on any social media radar. Is it me? Do I have to really, really up my game to make it in business social media?

Why not? Apparently I can be anything I want on Linkedin anyway. I’m seriously considering – ‘Fire Hula Hooping Rocket Scientist’, tagline: “We light the fire under your landing pads”!

Maybe it’s better to leave plain marketing as is and return to Memey Vice. Let’s face it, this post has gone to the dogs anyway and maybe even a monkey too, but strangely, no goats…

dog fence

Reason has its moments… Guess which one works for Linkedin?

Well played sharon

Don’t ever underestimate a woman, dog… Just sayin’

ya gotta be kidding

Yeah…. no words. Just backing away slowly.


I always know how to work a Friday!


Whatever gets you over the humps.

cat found

Probably sister to meme #4

Yup Canada

Because Canada, and it’s how we summer, eh?

Have an awesome final August weekend.  Cheers!



22 thoughts on “Friday Funnies – ‘Cause I Was A Goat Herder

  1. Thanks for the Friday morning chuckles. I don’t think goat herder is in high demand…anywhere. I think they have dogs that do that. But Fire Hula Hooping Rocket Scientist? Now there’s something I can instill in my kids to become. And maybe LinkedIn will get their act together by then and know how to use algorithms to brings us all together one crazy career at a time. Happy Hump Friday! (yeah, because a camel reference is good any old day of the week).

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  2. LOL. I often pad my list of accomplishments by including some things my son told his preschool teacher I did. He told them I was an Olympic bobsledder. Then he said I was a wrestler in the WWE. I’ve always thought that if I tell enough people it may come to be believed but it turns out my greatest accomplishment is as a Mom who tends to repeat herself. Did I mention I repeat myself? 😉

    Happy Friday. Sending you much love!

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  3. Sure our way of seeing Linkedin have a lot in common… 😀
    But no doubt so you are a kind of person worth being friend with… 🙂

    Why not goats.? 🙂
    Camels aren’t we told we have to swollow them and not loaded on the back seat… 😀

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    • Diahann! Hello! Yeah, sometimes chaos inspires one to test all kinds of things. LOL. What a another year of going around the bend, but it’s all been good and exciting. I hope all is well with you and I’m looking forward to heading to your place to catch up!


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