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The Bandwidth of Pain

Whose Story Will Be the Worst? We all have a story that waits to be heard.   No matter how uplifting or how dire the tale may seem, we all have known pain and we’ve all known joy.  We like to … Continue reading

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Yes, I am That Confident – Up Yours!

I admit I was somewhat shocked at that charged-up energy coming at me. There are all kinds of ways to respond, but at the time I was more engrossed in the issue that precipitated the results of her research and it didn’t really register. Continue reading

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Little Mary Sunshine – NOT! Well Not Always, and That’s Just Fine

I think, with all the messages of inspirational platitudes that we receive daily, we can get all mixed up between knowing what is living in a state of ‘positivity’ and perhaps what we actually experience seemingly in contrast to that. There seems to be unknown, uneven territory to traverse around what is living in a state of positive thought versus a state of ‘what’s she on’, to beyond Pollyanna delusion or psychosis. Continue reading

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