First Thought

This could be a Spring of retreat; a step or two toward the past. Maybe time on our hands and loads of room for reflection. My own longings lean toward the masses questioning all the holes in all the systems that Covid-19 surged right up to our every sensibility.

My next prayer is that all this new-found realization of what matters, this renewed knowledge of what essential is, will not get tossed and lost for good by most.

Reflection choices can be simple too; in fact, the majority of mine certainly are. I can’t believe how much it means to walk in the woods right now. All the smells of Spring are especially entrancing, and I am so in beyond land when I look at the tender shoots that replaced the tiny seeds I planted weeks ago. I’m so excited to be a back deck farmer this year. Small things. The every things.

It was within these lines of thought on this lazy Thursday, I was reminded of a sweet and lovely moment of 3 years ago, when we were allowed more fearless touch.

Wishing all a gentle and inspiring weekend.

morning bliss I am the first thought
On his mind as daybreak blinks
Sunday morning bliss…

 Gently smudging pain’s traces
Sweetly replacing facades


Haiku / Tanka

Inspired by the artwork of: and prompted by:

17 thoughts on “First Thought

  1. You have beautiful work. I haven’t been brave enough to post mine yet as I feel my ideas might be a little too flat. What’s your process like? How do you get to that place that makes you say this is good enough?


    • Ooooh, that’s a big question, Sandra! Firstly, I’d say that I write for myself. So, that pretty much sands down the judging edges of ‘good enough’ for anyone else. I think most of us are our own toughest critics anyway, so when you get on the point of your work where you feel it’s finished, then just take a deep breath and hit publish. If someone else likes it, that’s the sparkly sprinkles on the cake, right? Because you’ve already baked and iced the whole cake.

      It’s also about what you write and there is so much in our own life that could be used for any type of writing genre. I often write my experiences from various aspects of it. Sometimes one incident will give me 10 posts. Same thing with ongoing events, when you can see another view of them, write it down. Good luck with your writing and thanks so much for your visit.

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