Feather In Our Hand

I do what I can to help where I can, but the truth is that often, if not most of the time, I really don’t feel seen or heard. I feel as effective as a tiny chirp at the back of the cacophony that earns maybe a slight eyebrow raise from some bored listener on Facebook.

I resist the urge to screech louder. We’re supposed to be cautious about over-sharing or zealotry… Even so, I know at times I push that envelope – so bewildered that so few seem to understand or see what I see, even though what I end up screeching about is very much about their world too – equity and equality, corrupt industry and leadership, preserving clean waters… This is OUR world, damn it.

Realistically, of course I know I’m not really an island and I’m definitely not alone in my concerns nor alone on the front lines of a march or rally. Still, while people outside of those rallies, on social media et al, may seem not to notice, I think some, at least do. But what can really be said in response? How many times will people say, yes, I agree, before moving on?

So where do I or anyone else who desire to influence or create change for the better go from there? I suppose it’s at this point that some of us quit and maybe go look for whatever peace is available in our daily survival struggles. Or maybe we push even harder, hoping more serious agitation will move greater numbers. Or maybe like me, regardless of how despondent, quitting is impossible, (trust me, Cree blood is hot!). So, we continue to push for some semblance of balance in all options.

Having said all that, once in a while something happens out of the blue, maybe even something really quite sweet or even astonishing. Like an old friend and Juno Award winner writes a song and he says your efforts inspired him and all you can think is… holay!

What a beautiful event, this unexpected gift from a friend’s heart. He told me I could sing and record it; it’s mine to do with as I wish. Maybe I will sing and record it. Maybe I’ll just sing it with him some day – and I’d love that, but for now, I’d really love to share it with all the other dreamers who dare to strive. We can’t possibly know all who actually see or hear us, but someone is there and maybe, no matter how many, they’re all we’re meant to connect with. Maybe that really is enough…

A Feather In Our Hand, by Lawrence S. Martin

Kinanaskimotin, my friend.


24 thoughts on “Feather In Our Hand

  1. I love this 🙂

    On Fri., Aug. 23, 2019, 1:00 p.m. Blog Woman!!! – Life Uncategorized, wrote:

    > Blog Woman!!! posted: ” I do what I can to help where I can, but the truth > is that often, if not most of the time, I really don’t feel seen or heard. > I feel as effective as a tiny chirp at the back of the cacophony that earns > maybe a slight eyebrow raise from some bored listene” >

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  2. your actions and his song are stunning contributions to preserve our land … his key word is LOVE, keep fighting with a feather in your hand … we need our land!

    I would love to hear you sing it together, the composer and the inspirer … please?

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  3. Ha! One might wonder about my voice first! Oh, I suppose I could make it passable, and yes, I think the ideal would be to sing with Lawrence. Regardless, he put an anthem in my heart and head to remind me why I do what I do, and how does one thank someone enough for such a meaningful gift? I’ll have to live up to it the best I can.

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  4. Wow. Lawrence S. Martin demonstrates to me that in the war he speaks of, there will also be powerful ‘Warriors of Song’. Warriors who wield weapons of song that resonate with Love for a People and the Land.
    I love his voice! Would I like his Muse join him in song? Absolutely.

    Also, this old Settler appreciates learning about what you think and how you feel about things. It has become a part of my life. So thank you and keep on, Blog Woman!!! .
    Keep on, keep on.

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  5. Magnificent and ironic that this post ends with a song, because that was going to be my response to you. No, I didn’t write you a song, but I was going to suggest all you need to do is keep singing your song to the world.
    Your song is why we follow you. Your song is why we cherish you. Your song is who you are.
    Not everyone is ready to hear any songs, let alone your song. That, however, is not a reflection of your song, but rather where they are in their life–physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually. That they cannot receive your song makes your song no less beautiful.
    When they are ready, they will hear your song, they will feel your song, they will know your song.
    The only thing you need to do in the meantime is sing your song.
    Not for us. Not for those who cannot hear. But for you.
    Sing your love, beautiful Robyn.

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    • Oh, Randall. This is such a magnificent comment, I think you’ve created one of those rare moments where I’m rendered speechless. There is so much comfort and beauty and poetry in your words. I can only say, kininiskimotin, for your very lovely heart. xo

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  6. “without love, everything will die”.
    the opposite of love is fear. we’re all living under the current program of scarcity and fear, spread by those who wish things to remain completely under thier control. what they are most afraid of is, in fact, love. they’ll never win…in the end, love is indisputable, incorruptible, indestructible. 🖤

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