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Canada, Reparations Don’t End at Apologies – Just Ask Germany

Revised August 30, 2017 Canadians must work to heal a major historical point of contention for Canada and the Indigenous, and that point does not focus on “apologies and acknowledgements of territories.” Canada’s government already knows what needs to be … Continue reading

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Our Home and Native Braves

I originally posted this in November 2013, but for personal reasons in light of the recent release of the Truth & Reconciliation Report regarding Canada’s Indigenous peoples, it feels especially appreciable this year and so I wanted to share it again. I’ve also included some minor … Continue reading

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Taxpayers DO NOT Pay For First Nations; First Nations ARE Taxpayers

Part 2 to September 22, 2014 post: Pathetic and Dense; You HAVE To Be an Indian.

I’m not an authority on all things Indigenous. I am only an authority on being one. Despite my great-grandfather, Henry McCorrister being an Indian signatory on Treaty 8, most of the information regarding our history with government oversight is new to me, as I expect it will be new to most of you. What a shame this statement is.

I have questioned leaders on both sides of the ‘cultural divide’ to explain why many details of our histories, like the ones I’m passing on now, aren’t common knowledge by now instead of common misconceptions. Continue reading

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Washington Redskins Racism Cuts Far Deeper than Wanted For the Team Fans

It’s all so simple really, what’s at the bottom of the fight over changing the name of the Washington Redskin’s football team.  The real deal point that hits home the hardest about the debate is the word racist.  Not racism; … Continue reading

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Cherokee Nation Triples in One Week, & Don’t Call Me a Redskin

We should be impressed with how many people are well versed in Native American culture and history. It’s been amazing and enlightening to see all kinds of average citizens report and comment so expertly on First Nations and Aboriginal issues lately. Of course, this post isn’t really about how much is known about Native Americans as much as how deplorably inadequate our education about the cultures still are.

The story that has caused all this questionable commentary was the news that the U.S. Patent office revoked the name trademark for football team, the Washington Redskins. Continue reading

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Our Home and Native Braves

As Remembrance Day approaches, I am reminded of how profoundly I was moved by the Remembrance Day assembly at my son’s school last year. I found it particularly poignant for two reasons.

What I found initially striking was that the ceremony was presided over by all women, something I’d never seen before. Continue reading

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