Figments Of My Heart

Summer heart purging, it’s like spring cleaning, but the summer haze softens reflection edges without the sweat inducing labour. If you’ve a chance to sit back for a bit with your memories and you’ve grown enough with them to have learned something real, something honestly measurable, forgiveness is sometimes an unexpected result.

I know there are different understandings of what forgiveness means, and for me, it’s mostly along the lines that the flare of anger sparked by a flash into my past is essentially gone. It’s that point where I can remember an event – even with a shudder, but without the piercing hurt. Where I can speak freely without tears, where I can see I was led astray and where I followed even when my instincts stung me with a no.

It’s when I know if I were to meet that situation again, I’d know exactly how to handle it in the best interest of my heart forevermore. It’s when I know I have stopped beating myself up and in clarity, realized where it all took me. So far, even the worst of monsters in my life ultimately mined strengths and abilities I’d never dreamed were in me… and beyond even that, the truest reveal is, I’m at peace.

ProselyliarsDo ask the prophet
Please sate your spiritual needs
‘Cause he’s God’s right hand

Ask him, pray tell all knowledge
Your belief, the deadly price

Double BillingDouble dog billing
Starring bereft alpha souls
Red and gold flame outs

Beware harem frenemies
Two faces, double the bites

Ogres and  MonstrositiesFair and fairer won
Booby prizes of the year
Outsmarted themselves

Thought they knew better than, but
Fell harder than anyone


Here’s to the times we get the last laughs… Cheers!


Street art photo credits and much gratitude to the talented Randall Willis of CreatedByRCW and So, What’s Your Story




21 thoughts on “Figments Of My Heart

  1. I can totally relate! I have been so good, too good at forgiving…but this last thing, the thing that took my health for awhile (hospital, antibiotics, saline and REST) the health-changing results of an ex with a vendetta, plus dementia…is a process I will have to work through. I’m not ready to let go of it yet, because actually, I am still in the midst of it. I’ve been too good at forgiving, but I’ve learned that sometimes we have to hold on to these things to actually learn which path to take. Thank you for these incredible words, Robyn. Thank you.

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    • I know you can relate and I’m sorry for that. I know how much you’re going through and I know how much the ahole monsters in our lives take pleasure in that. It’s seems like it’s the only reason these demons exist, right? I don’t know if those calls to us to forgive and forget are genuine healing material. I know I can get to the forgive stage, but I’m not falling for the ‘forget’ request again, ever. As far as I’m concerned that’s the role of the offender to apply… as in never repeating the same lousy behavior to someone again. If they do it to me again, I have to say, so long. That’s a short term pain compared to riding the razor indefinitely. Wishing you the best, of course, Robin. I know how bumpy the ride is until you get to peace. Take it as easy as you can, keeping your mind on ‘what is’. xo

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  2. most insightful and I can quote many cliches .. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, etc .. but fact is that our past does shape us but it doesn’t define us .. life throws us lemons and from them we gain strength and resilience we didn’t know we had … healthy to forgive but one must never forget or you are merely setting a target on your back .. when the anger and hurt weaken then you are truly healing yourself, well done 🙂


    • Hi kate – thank you and yes, I suppose all the cliche’s fit, but they don’t give much for detail when it comes to looking into how healing is supposed to work enough to meet those words. I love your note about the target on the back, if you accept merely forgetting as a part of making the lemonade. 🙂

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  3. Oh you do amuse, you daring minx. Was waiting for the reactions for a bit. You would have enjoyed them. Yes, the weak do pout and we’re all enjoying it Laugh away, Lovely. Laugh away.


    • Hahaha… yes, OK then. Will continue to laugh and write and purge. Lord knows I was ‘granted’ years worth of material. Not as much as some, but intense enough to almost rate equally. Hugs to all. xo.


  4. I love street art! People are so talented usually sending great messages through their art. Everywhere I go I always try to find some graffiti.

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  5. Nice poetry. I enjoy a lot by reading this. I am a poetry lover like to read Healing inspirational poetry of various writers. Recently I read “THE MECHANICAL HEART” poetry written by Brenden Pettingill. I like that very much. Thanks.


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