First Blog Resulted in 3 Unbelievable Opportunities!

Four years today… Blog Womaning bliss! The outlet for personal record became a portal of learning, teaching opportunities and making contact with the some of the greatest examples of human decency – and well, admittedly, an occasional dip toward the lowest. Luckily, those are very few, kind of like that deal I got to mull over not long after my first post back then…

teacher blackboard green irishI was really quite flattered when after I published my first blog, I received some attention from a fellow blogger with a message to follow his blog too.  I looked at his page and saw it was very well done. Quite sophisticated and up to date with all kinds of interesting media to flip through.  I liked, as in appreciated the post that was at the top of his published works. Nicely written, inspirational. Even more impressive was how young he was.  So, I hit the like button and even clicked on the blog ‘follow’ button.

Not long after, I started receiving inspirational emails from him that included ideas on changing my life, by changing my financial circumstances, by learning a really, super cool way to earn a living via my blog!  This guy did it and look, he’s only 18 yrs old and already retired in the Thai jungle of his retirement dreams – as demonstrated in his selfie-video telling me so.

The promo soundbites were right up my marketing background alley; though slight, the description sounded reasonable and plausible.  So, I followed the links as directed and got to a 45 minute video of two guys sitting casually in elegant chairs in front of a beautiful interior pool of an obviously expensive house.  My spidey senses began to web-out.

The guys opened their pitch with their personal histories and like young blog guy, they described their beginnings from nothing, with little prospects.  One had actually lived out of a van that cost less than the pen he was holding in his hand.  It was a pretty good looking pen.

The beautiful house was also his, and we wouldn’t believe that all he has now, was achieved after figuring out – are you ready for this – a simple, 3 step idea for making millions via the internet.

About 20 minutes into alternating the talk between how really hard life had been for them, yet so drastically changed with little effort into the still unexplained way they did it, another screen flashed up under their picture.  If I act now, for only $25, I will learn (finally) the secret 3 step plan for making millions – or as much as I am willing to work for, it’s all up to me – but I better hurry because there are limited spots left.  Ugh! Gut instinct confirmed, video turned off.

Pffftt! The not so secret ‘secret’ was revealed; original flattery flattened, thrill about having blog skillz fizzled. Hell, maybe I even did miss an opportunity to ‘retire at 18’, but I trusted my gut and I’m sure I’m richer from not doling out those bucks.

What this did do, was get me thinking about all these pyramid or multi-level marketing schemes that come up over and over. Sometimes they provide genuine product offerings, but mostly they’re about the quickest immediate cash grab for the idea guys.

I can’t begin to count how many of these pitches/ads/infomercials I’ve seen and you know what they all have in common?  Vans.  Ever notice that too?  Almost every one of these self-made from dirt poor guys who luck-out on the answer to millions, start out by living in vans.  Really shaky rickety vans too.

I’m re-thinking plans for my son’s formal education after high school.  I’m going to just shove him into a van when he’s 18 and say, “Go forth, my son, and prosper”!  Bring me back one of those great-looking pens when you’ve made it.

This lit up the third idea bulb – I’m going into the old van selling business.  Low overhead; at near break-down level anyway. We’ll sell ’em to these young guys who’ll eventually get rich. Win-win. Whose in? Time limited offer. Oh, and my son gets his half-price.

Top of the marnin’ ta ya, (sorry about that)

…and a round of green full-bodied gratitude with a heady froth of love for these awesome folks, each a very fine mug-O’-talent; thanks for the ongoing support and friendship over these years…

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16 thoughts on “First Blog Resulted in 3 Unbelievable Opportunities!

  1. Now there’s my problem, I never lived out of an old van! Sigh. It’s too late for me, but there is hope for others! For just… Oh, sorry… Seeing your Steve Martin quote made me think of a cartoon I once saw: A bum on the street is selling “Get Rich Quick” pamphlets for only $10,000 each. Hasn’t made many sales yet, but when he does!

    Happy 4 year Blogiversary! I’m glad we’ve been able to connect here in the blogosphere! Thanks for the mug full of friendship! I’ll pass you one in return so we can make that toast! Cheers!

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  2. I’m going out, right this minute, to trade in our old four wheel drive, which we’ve had for so long it’s now officially a jalopy, and get a van. Because it’s never too late, right? I’m not out and about in the blogosphere so much at the moment – distracted by a larger project – but I always look forward to your posts. While shining a light on the things that matter (vans and pens included) you make me laugh and you make me weep and you stop me in my tracks and make me think. So thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! And Happy St Paddy’s day to you, too, Robyn.

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    • Yes, Jill, yes – live the van dream! Thank you, so much, for your kindness and heartwarming words. I will always look forward to your blog efforts whatever they may be. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. xo

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  3. This post took an unexpected right-angle turn about half way through that made me laugh out loud! I was not expecting this 😀
    Is there anyone in the blogosphere who hasn’t had this experience? Too funny!

    … and thank you for the kind shout-out! ❤

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    • Holay! This is some nice talk to start out my day with. Yeah, I’m a little behind on the comments again, but I feel you’ll forgive me. Thank you, Robert, and till we get our big break, let’s not break anything else. Cheers, my friend.


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