Friday Funnies; ‘Cause We Took a Vote and the Electoral Meme College Carried It

So, so many memes, so, so little time…

Hey look, we survived the overwhelming jolly, holly season, the January blues, the February blahs and election seasons that never seem to end even when they’re like, finished – officially and everything… So sometimes we get to kick back and revel in a little super lazy; it’s like normal lazy, but we’re wearing a cape. Just another super power to revel in.  OK then, let’s go! What’s in the wind this week?  Saddle up!


Yippee ky Aaaaaa… giddy up there,         ranch dude.

Wheeeeeeee... when you really wanna keep the kids quiet. What? Too dark?

Wheeeeeeee… when you really wanna keep the kids quiet. What? Too dark?


OK then, moving on…

Oh com'n... look for it

Send for the full instruction video for only $29.95, S&H extra.

Send for the full instruction video for only $29.95, Genuine NRA approved     S&H extra.


I love spunk! Don’t we all love spunk? Someone give him a little pat…


Fair number of us see similar when we turn on the bedside lamp.


Yeah, that’s some real Hulk skillz right there.


Yeah, I generally throw in a PSA about here. Be safe out there, kids.

Oh, WTH, we'll give you 2 PSAs this month...

Oh, WTH, nothing wrong with throwing in a helpful hint too.


Wild life game park safari

Continuing the wild life safari...

You should see them rev up during mating season…

And the reason we've reached this level of lackadaisical journalistic effort...

…And the reason we’ve reached this level of lackadaisical journalistic effort…


That’s it for this week and in all honesty I’m not sure what’s in store next. I have no idea whether I’ll be back to railing at politics, detailing social issues, or releasing steam through haikus. So, like the tagline implies, come back for what you think you’re gonna get, stay for the surprise!

Have an awesome weekend!


15 thoughts on “Friday Funnies; ‘Cause We Took a Vote and the Electoral Meme College Carried It

  1. Have you ever noticed that once you laugh out loud once, you’re more inclined to laugh at everything you see after that?
    Well, that’s exactly what just happened to me here with this post. I lost it on the 2nd photo with the rooftop playground, and then it just never stopped 😀

    Happy Friday! … and thank you for this great morning start 😀

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  2. What a good way to start a Friday. Actually, it started with me googling the ‘new-to-me’ word, ‘meme’…What I found made me smile. Then I read your blog, Robyn, and am still smiling! Stressed today, so this is just what I needed. (Leaking one year old window. ;( ) A bit of damage.
    Must phone window company. So much for new paint job on window wall. My new email address is going to be! Not really, but I’ve thought of it often these past two years. Thanks for the smiles, and I have to say that roof thing was just dark enough to get a big grin out of me. And what IS the story about those sleeping trucks, anyway? Have a wonderful Friday, Robyn. Thank you for this delightful blog today. Robin Henderson

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    • Hahahaha…. I love this comment! Googling ‘meme’… so awesome! I remember when I had to! Well, I will say that bit of research took me to a whole ‘nother road of wonders!
      And, wish I could tell you the back story to those trucks, but I’ve never found it. I hear National Geographic is going to do some investigative research though. No, they’re not – I’m kidding. You have a wonderful Friday too! Grab your highest window event perspective and run with that. Hugs to you, my friend.


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