In the Words of an Elder: Maureen Kennedy Speaks…

Standing tall, for Standing Rock and all our ancestral lands

Standing tall, for the safety and preservation of all our ancestral land (Lummi Totem Pole, that made a journey across the continent )

I used to have a belief that some races were superior to me and for years never even knew I had this belief. So pitiful, as I was not taught the truth.

Now I know that I learned this because of my environment as a child.

Education and/or money does not make anyone superior or more intelligent. These are external and have not much to do with who I really am. I can put information into my computer and it certainly does not make it superior to me. What a pitiful concept.

And so many people have bought into the lie. That is why it is so important to understand our Sacred teaching of TRUTH. Our Ancestors knew that we needed to look at the 4 aspects of ourselves to know TRUTH and that still holds true for all 2 legged.

It is like a person has not fully developed if they are missing 2 important parts of themselves. Not whole. And it is very hard to feel good about selves if 2 parts of self are denied. I know this to be true.

Some people are so pitiful and cause so much pain with the lies. I wonder, if only our Mama Mother can really teach them, because when people think they know everything they are hard to teach.

Also, no one can learn in the mind if they are traumatized, just try it. So how could our people learn in residential schools. Seriously.

Our people are wise when they live in a good way because KNOWLEDGE IS LEARNED AND WISDOM IS LIVED.

See the difference…..

Lets get this truth first inside ourselves and others will feel this.

Hiy Hiy, Creator, as I am so happy about who I am,
Maureen Kennedy

Maureen Kennedy is a Cree & Metis long-time active community Teacher, Guide, and Practitioner of her Spiritual Knowledges.  She is my Auntie and I am proud to be her relation. I am blessed to receive her teachings and guidance. I am so, so grateful to receive her love.
Hiy hiy, Auntie,

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4 Responses to In the Words of an Elder: Maureen Kennedy Speaks…

  1. cathytremain says:

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom. And, yes, you are very blessed to have such a teacher.

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  2. achafablog says:

    So True. The knowledge of self is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle. We are born perfect, and have to live in our cultural traditions to bring this out, in ways we , and the elders can understand (them to thereby explain to us). It took me a circuitous route because I was mis-educated by the dominant culture, to emulate them in all folkways. Such a waste of time.

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  3. I agree a hundred percent with you on this.


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