The Bandwidth of Pain

For a friend, and in light of some recent stories coming forward. We all have a story to tell, I search for yours to better understand mine.

I originally posted this last year, but it feels like it’s a better time to share it now.


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Whose Story Will Be the Worst?

Pain Profile 2

We all have a story that waits to be heard.   No matter how uplifting or how dire the tale may seem, we all have known pain and we’ve all known joy.  We like to mostly brag about the joyful things in life and to show off, a little, all the good we have.  It’s good to say my happiness in life is good, and maybe even a little special.

On the other hand, how odd and strange is it that we sometimes take great pains to take measure of the pain of others too? To judge whose suffering is worse or not, or even worthy?  Are we really special because of the ways we have been subjected to pain?

Regardless of our circumstances, richer or poorer, surrounded by many or none, we encounter the same range of emotions from various ranges of circumstances.  It is…

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2 thoughts on “The Bandwidth of Pain

    • I not only happen to agree with that idea, I fully believe it. Actually, this re-post seems to be getting me all kinds of examples of that. Almost eerily so. Love it when that happens.


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