Freshly Pressed is Not Trash

Okay, if you ever get an email where the subject line says ‘congrats, you’ve been freshly pressed’, do not automatically send it to the trash folder assuming it’s just another clever piece of junk mail.  Just sayin’.

Wait! Do not delete!

Wait! Do not delete!

Instead of madly retrieving crucial mail, maybe check the sender’s name by say, a Google  search or checking the supposedly being Freshly Pressed post ‘likes’.  It’s likely that name is there too, in which case, let out a big breath and semi-whisper WTF?

For non-bloggers, Freshly Pressed is a showcase on our host website, It’s the site where they feature editors’ picks and community favorites to a following of millions of writers.

If you’re like me, you will then re-read that email repeatedly.  After that, it starts to sink in and then, really? Will what I blurted out in a moment of bravery inspired by an hour of heroism by someone else matter that much to other people?

WordPress Editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands thought so, and I’m deeply grateful that her take on people sharing vulnerabilities is that it’s important and a path to understanding.

So, before I knew that Cheri had, however miraculously, set her eyes on my post, (103 People Unfriended Her…) I calculated that a total of 50 of my loyals would read it.  Freshly Pressed sent it shooting past thousands of eyes. Kind of heady stuff.

Anyway, it is quite an experience, and natch, I took notes as I rode the “FP” roller coaster.

Seeing as how mine was pressed the day after the Oscars, it felt like an extension of the awards.  Hey, this IS my Oscar.

oscar 2Anyhoo, once pressing is done, you know you’re going to get more readers than usual, and you do, lots of new viewers.

One notification came  that totally cracked me up, “Your blog, Blog Woman!!!, appears to be getting more traffic than usual”!

You get the coveted blue Freshly Pressed badge in your Widget tools. Way cool.  It’s added to your collection once the post is pressed.

Without a doubt, what was really, really outstanding, were the comments.  The overwhelming support for the point of my post was heartrending.   The amount of thoughtfulness is amazing.  The humor, the sincerity, the straightforward opinions are just beautiful.  Each comment touches my heart for its own reason.

All those comments and only one that I didn’t know how to take.  Joke or jerk?  I published it anyway.

I got a really good look at how many blog names are incredible, amazing, and hilarious.  Oh you witty writers.

If, like me, you get a kick at seeing the notification box light up orange, you’re really going to like the first few hours of being pressed.  You can just sit and stare as that little box lights up with each blink – like the cats that love that red dot.

Anyway, all those eyes! Thousands!  Wow, right?  Little reality check – reading is not the same as liking.  In fact, the stats say roughly 10-15% of the overall readers hit that like button or commented.

On the other hand, those 10-15 percenters were damned overwhelming with how much they opened up.  As I read through them, I thought this must be what the Ellens and Oprahs feel like when they come out from behind the curtains and feel a whoosh of emotion so moving, that I’m surprised any hair or make-up stays on.

Then, some of those 10-15 percenters also perused my other not Freshly Pressed posts. That was also awesome sauce, and their comments were absolutely uplifting on those too.

Oh, and seeing new followers, well, what’s a higher compliment than that?

Finally, my agent (AKA 12 yr. old son) said that when I go on Ellen (he’s determined to get me there), I better have a thank you list, and he’d better be #1 on it!

So, thank you all so much for this fantastical ride, it’s been stunning fun so far. … And to my agent, I am nothing without you.

Could I also leave you with this 4 minute video that happened to show up on my Facebook page this week? It couldn’t be a better example of the definition of what is beauty. It is by Oscar winner Lupita N’yongo.  I believe that most of you exhibited that to me in your comments.  It’s taken me one more step away from “the seduction of inadequacy”.  

Dare you to keep a dry eye:   (4:55)


38 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed is Not Trash

  1. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂 Cheri has a marvelous eye, I’m glad she found her way to your post– it was a touching piece. 🙂 (I love that your son is going to get you on Ellen one day!)


    • Thank you rara – and I so appreciate that you were one of the first to read and offer that beautiful comment. That meant so much.
      I’m also pretty lucky with the kid I get to call my son. He cracks me up with his ambitions for me, and for himself actually.


  2. Hey Robyn!! A HUGE congratulations to you on the FP! Well deserved for your terrific piece and your blog in general. So glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve. And I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to stop in to tell you all this. Please don’t tell Ellen… 😉

    Cheers, Robyn!


    • Huge thanks for this Ned! Thank you again for being such a great supporter even in the midst of your own whirlwind of book sales, book readings and roasts, blogs, tweets, and comments for both to answer, writing for a paper, and fighting fires!!
      But, you still don’t get to go to Ellen with me when my agent finally gets that arranged. I’m not willing to risk Lord knows what a very scary lisajohnsonsawyer might dish out if she thinks anyone else is getting close to Ellen.


    • Well, welcome to the crazy, yet inspiring world of blogging Fiona. It’s been a really wonderful experience for me so far. I wish the same for you too. Thank you so much for your visit and kindness.


    • Thanks very much, I really appreciate that, and I return the congratulations to you too. Oh, the agent and I are in deep and heavy negotiations as I write. He already takes 75% of my earnings so things could get really tight shortly.


  3. You know I’m on of those who read your post liked it, and went ahead to follow u. Now I’m more glad I did, we share similar thought about Fb, and someday if I receive that mail, I will be writing a similar post.


  4. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I can certainly understand your reticence to believe it since it has never happened to me & I am suspicious of unknown mail. Your award is well deserved, it was a great post & a thought-provoking glimpse into our world today! I really loved the speech by Nipita, it was also wise!


  5. Congrats to you, and I was very touched by your essay on “103 Unfriended…” So nice to meet all the creative, thought-provoking fellow writers/artists/movers and shakers in cyberspace. Keep the great stuff coming! 🙂


    • Thanks so much for this Ermigal. This also happens to be my first year under the belt anniversary. Well technically on the 17th, but it has been a pretty great experience so far. Will have a look at your stuff too as I wade through a few hundred new faces. Thanks again for coming by and leaving your great comment.


  6. First, congrats on getting Freshly Pressed. Although I’m both new to WordPress and the blogging world, I realized instantly the glory of being Freshly Pressed. I hope to one day receive that email as well. Wish me luck and I humbly accept any constructive criticism to get me closer to that. Your comment about your 12 year old agent made me smile as I sit here with my 5 year old writing this comment. Loving your candid view points and writing style. You will definitely be one to follow. Happy blogging!!!


    • Hello Elke – Let me congratulate you on being part of the blogging world. I really hope you have as much of a blast in it as I’ve been having, which was something I did not expect. It’s been a really fantastic and lovely way of meeting great people who inspire and cheer you on. When I was FPed, I really don’t know how that editor found the post, but it was a real kick to get that note. I will wish you the best for your wish to come true too. Thanks so much for your visit!


  7. Congrats! In January, I was freshly pressed as well… didn’t know what the heck it was all about! I soon learned – and was grateful that my little blog received a lot of traffic as a result of one post that caught the eye of the editor. It was great fun to suddenly see that little orange light blinking!


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