Phoetry is Back, Part 1

It was forever since I looked at where I live. I’ve been mostly in the business of adjusting to new normals – again. Still. Look, can we finally just face that we really have no idea what normal really was? A lot of what was normal badly needed the revision anyway. I guess we’re all still working on it.

In the meantime, home commanded my attention. I forgot what an adventure home is…

Home sweet home
Tantalizing dreams
Still fathoms

#Lune #photo #poetry
Pleasure sits idle
Labor has punched in the clock
Unlocked and undocked

Memories fill up
Years of crossing my own paths
Storied bridges fade

She accepted it
Cradling the final moments

Setting the spotlight focus
Lunar favorite



All photos by Blog Woman!!!

12 thoughts on “Phoetry is Back, Part 1

  1. welcome back! You have been intensely in my thoughts the last 48 hours … so glad you heard me 🙂 Know you would be aching from all those children found 😦

    Stunning shots and love your poems … more please? Phoetry is a great title!

    Not familiar with your part of the world .. so where is home please?

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    • Hey, sweet friend! I think that must have been your voice then, filling my mind and insistenty telling me to get cracking. 🙂

      I have been very busy in general and in navigating through this very painful uncovering of what we all said was there, but remained disbelieved has been a heavy reckoning. It’s already mostly swept under Canadian rugs though. There’s a snap election, doncha know? Closing in on 6000 bodies discovered thus far, and if it were any other demographic, the entire country would be up in arms, demanding accountability. There is no statute of limitations on murder – unless it’s of an Indigenous man, woman, or child. I gave a couple of talks on this and I can only hope those in the audience took in enough to want to act in some fashion. I don’t hold much hope for any genuine national attendance to it all, though.

      I live in Vancouver, BC and the entire region provide loads of great photo opportunities. I’ve only managed to get out a little over the last few weeks to take some of that in. It’s been a lovely experience all over again.

      How are you and your part of the world?

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      • wow over 6,000 … it stopped being reported here once it got over 2,000 😦 I’m sure some felt your words in their hearts …

        I honestly thought the snap election was over that but another canuk blogger assured me it was more about how the pandemic has been handled …

        Looking forward to seeing more phoetry about Vancouver 🙂 May I use that word for a few of my posts, loving it 🙂

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        • least I can do … we were horrified at a few hundred … that many is no mistake, that’s knowing genocide, slaughter of the vulnerable! The govt and churches should be held responsible 😦

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        • They should, but we know they won’t. Certainly not any more than they’ve done in any other colony. There were 139 of those schools and they’ve only just begun with 9 schools. The number in the U.S. have only touched the surface too.

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