The whirlwinds of life have been carrying me across a map of wonder and occasionally, just plain confusion. The decade of 10s has left me wide open; it dumped me into a sense of knowing, but bereft of detail. Oh, how I despise the statement, “I know, but I don’t know”, and yet, here I am…

I have high hopes for 2020, and though I don’t know what the shift is going to be, I sense it. A large one and it’s going to be interesting. You feel this too, right? It’ll maybe even be pretty bumpy, but the ends will justify the Universe’s means – and let’s face it, we asked for it.

Perhaps, that’s why I’d like to usher in this new era lightly, maybe even a tad timidly. Nah, I’ve outgrown timidity; long ago. Damned long ago. Still, it feels right to simply step in softly and a little carefully. Boldness will eventually be called for, of that I feel certain, but in a bit.

For now, I revel in the small pleasures, like the smile that crosses my boy’s face when he’s told meatloaf is for dinner. ( I make a good meatloaf. Just sayin’.) Or, when I get to look at photos for the year and they inspire a small dive into humble poetic pleasures. …

Winter’s moon calls for rest
Centering contemplation
Replenishing growth

A heart’s library
Body of knowledge embraced
Contentment attained

Pushing boundaries
A cast and crew of courage
Therapeutic art

And finally, my boy’s choice for my 2020 profile. Of course, he took the photo, so his bias is likely far more basic than the object of his artistry 😉 .

Holiday bounty
Lovely evening awaits
Surprise packages

As always, I remain grateful to those who follow my meandering thoughts & trials and to those who reply with the most gorgeous dollops of kindness and insight. I look forward to continuing to learn and then, with the best of success that my prayers allow, share that education meaningfully. And when it isn’t education, may all our poetic and humorous days flourish! I also look forward to reading as much as I can within my writing communities. The amount of talent to sort through is the loveliest of problems.

To all, I wish a healthily successful 2020 and a courageous, joy-filled new decade.



24 thoughts on “2020

  1. Meatloaf, eh. I am a pretty mean judge of meatloaf, so we may have to figure out some dinner plans when I make it back West.

    In the meantime, know that you have been a symbol of transformation since we first met in this medium. I don’t see your simple steps into the new decade as a sign of timidity as much as confidence and inner strength. You are more than ready, more than prepared to face whatever life brings you, ready to transform anything into growth & sustenance for the soul.

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    • I just don’t even know, how to respond to the beauty of your comments, my friend. It has been a hard decade for deeper lessons and the heavens know I’ve worked hard to meet them. Let us see what all that brings. In the meantime, yes of course, dinner any time you’re in the area! Also wishing you a really, really lovely 2020, Randall. I know you’ve worked through some tough transformations too. May the fruit of that labor be especially sweet. xo


  2. Always an inspiration to me Robyn:)

    I enjoy reading your words and following your ideas and thoughts. Your son is as handsome as you are beautiful☺️

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  3. Your son has captured the beauty of your soul in that photo, dear Kindred. I’m so sorry that the year didn’t start out as well as you had hoped, and my prayers are with you during your family’s challenges. Love, light, and peace! ❤ xoxo

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