Let’s Call it, “Phoetry”

Blossoming Love

Showering her gifts
To all who pay her homage
Sweet, pink abundance

#cherryblossom #windshield


She was still and sang
Calmly embracing her peace
As the hawks circled


Hiding in Plain SightLuminous greetings
Luna peeking through sunlight
Furtively winking

Deal Me In Unexpected chance
Risk takers found floating bets
Gambled on water

#riverboat #tres’ #Nashville

Haiku ToiletriesSelfie June 2018Bathroom selfie dare
First (and last) effort complete
Note: need longer arms

#flash #fun


13 thoughts on “Let’s Call it, “Phoetry”

  1. Robyn – lovely poetry and photography – a pure joy to see. Many thanks for posting – both you and the mourning dove are gorgeous 🙂


    • Aw, thank you, A. I am always surprised at what post seems to catch the most fancies. This one is one of the more popular for sure. Not sure why, but I have been reveling in the compliments from the Facebook and email followers. 🙂


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