Another One Bites The Dust

Mad Hatter

Poor girl didn’t heed
Cries of the already drowned
Smothered; false kisses

Warnings lost in hard pursuits
T’was never hard to know you


Mad-hatters shape shift
He becomes every dream
Magical threading

Weaving so under your skin
Never releasing his prey


Permanently etched
Tied more closely than chained links
Oh, the tricks, those ploys

The spell forever changing
The whirls of madness now reign


Haiku / Tanka
Street Art by @shalakattack
Photo provided by

The Queen of Hearts said to the wee thing:

“How hard it can be for lost hearts to get it. The moment is passed and yet, some refuse to buzz-off even after their true colors have been brought to light and rejected. Such strange senses of ownership, but then new/old conquests refuse to believe hypnotic methods could fool them, no matter how much is offered in foresight. The trance in full effect – ‘he knows me like no other’…. They all do, dear. That’s their job. They stare and stare and stare at you until you give it all”.

“I wonder if we’re so different after all…perhaps that’s why they simply cannot say goodbye after, like a varicella-zoster, content to hide in the shadows forevermore”…

4 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. You’re crazy insightful. Yeah, these yobs can talk their way into anything and anyone as we’ve seen. Will literally do whatever it takes, no holds barred. We know the smug wears off in due time though. They always want what they can’t have, no matter who they’re with at present. After all, major part of their fun is creating the ultimate revenge. Keep holding ‘er steady, sweetheart.

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    • Hey – thanks for your visit and I mean it. There is something seriously reassuring when I see you! Yes, you are right, of course, on all points. The endless games, the endless new social media accounts and friend requests. The thing is, revenge can only matter if the recipient gives a damn. Have at ‘er.

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      • Now yer talking, darl. Old and low sack bloke still hasn’t made a move that wasn’t about dinging it to the wee bird that got away. It shows that black heart is still severely bitter, we’d say.

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        • I’d say, that’s too bad, but not unexpected. A friend advised they can go that way for the rest of their life. Let them and them that play that way, they’ve definitely earned each other. I’ve still got ‘air in between’. ❤ And thanks for the laugh. xo.

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