Street Art Takes Pain

I came across a pretty great poetic thought on Twitter, and be damned if I could find it again to properly quote and credit it, but it said something along the line of, “poetry is where the pain goes”.  I’d wager there’s a pretty big crowd of us that wade in that poetic pool.

I’m not saying I had a painful week, but once again inspiration hit while I was perusing a friend’s street art photos.  Some old heart matters reared up, and I couldn’t resist the pull of the bard. So a short ode to a long week. Wishing all a really fabulous final August weekend.


Help, help she called out
Alas, only silence heard
No hook on the line

Street Art photo provided by @createdbyw



When the deeds been done
The new victim acquiesced
Signed on for the ride

Oh, the glee, oh if only
Oh, to be flies on the wall

Haiku / Tanka
Street Art photo provided by @createdbyw



Oh, soul Girl, step slow
Do beware red hearts, Alice
Their souls are so black

Tread most carefully, angel
Every promise, a trick

Haiku / Tanka
Street Art Photo: Unknown, Porto, Portugal


19 thoughts on “Street Art Takes Pain

  1. So happy that you continue to find inspiration in the wonderful art that I have photographed. We are the embodiment of my belief that passion begets passion and that one act of creativity has ripples the original artist can never begin to imagine. You have my heart and my soul!

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    • Ah, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, gwan with ya. It’s been such a real pleasure to have been able to lean on your words and your art, especially when life was just downright shitty for me. It ain’t easy to lift people up during the worst of their trials, but you did and I thank you for that. Now, get out there and start clicking! xo.

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  2. I wrote a line once that I just have always loved…I don’t know that it is Haiku, but…someone told me it was ‘like Haiku’. Used to live on acreage. Big sloping lawn just outside the dining room window. I would sit on the high red bar stool and enjoy the amazing scenery. Always got a kick out of the curving line on the lawn — made by our cats going for a stroll. “A line in the lawn, drawn by the pitter-patter of kitty-catter feets.” I can see it all as clear as day, as soon as I recall those words.

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