Turning Corners …and Tossing Blanket Excuses

Street Art, say hello to my little Haiku…

Chortles for healing Chortles for healing
Yes, another truth cliché’
Eyes wide open; cured

Chasing fiends togetherPain’s scales fully cleared
Nothing’s like smiling with you
Cleansing fiends away

createdbyrcwNice doggy...good doggy.JPGProffered disclaimer
“Stimuli response creature”
His faults “in stasis”

Ah, ha ha, behold
How sweet to laughably view…
Saps teach ogres wordsSaps and Ogres

createdbyrcwBefore the morning coffee finally kicks in.JPGSadly, pulled below
Into sulphurous kisses
Temporary bath

createdbyrcwLady of the LakeFool’s paradises
Repelled for solid grounding
Upscaled to real life

createdbyrcwGlorious colours on a dank day2.jpgElevated me
New knowledge; true tenderness
Freedom completed

An exercise in summer re-discovery. A former summer’s draft of haikus met up with a friend’s last summer street art photography. Great fun matching up those thoughts to these illustrations of chance.

Outside of that, I’m guessing at this point in the year, many of us are in a need of some seasonal change. I’m definitely hungry for more sunny experiences in sunny destinations.  I’ll bet you are too. Let’s get at ‘er, mon anges et amies!


All photos – various Toronto, ON street/graffiti art and graciously leant to me by photographer and writer, Randall Willis, of  CreatedByRCW and So, What’s Your Story

11 thoughts on “Turning Corners …and Tossing Blanket Excuses

  1. Howdy gurl! Just kiddin. Nice work and great photos. Your friend must enjoy his walks around the city. You doing OK. Am I sensing ripples in the universe?


    • Hey! and hahaha. Thanks, alls good- very good actually. I’ve just been cleaning out old dusty corners, in case there’s any doubt lingering anywhere. So no, nothing blipping, rolling, or bubbling in my world except for the sweetest of recent successes. Hope alls well for you too. Please send hugs to our pals. xo


  2. That’s pretty fantastic street art. I also enjoy a good walk around my city looking for similar surprises. I also like the way you’ve captioned them with your haikus. Some of them are seriously eerie. That dog might have scared the crap out of me if I came up to that one. What’s the story on that one?


    • Well, thank you very much, for your visit and the comment. I know what you mean about the street art, it has an amazing intensity to it with the bright colours and the sort of macabre subjects which really triggered creativity. Re: the dog, I know what you mean, but I don’t know any back story on any of the art. If you mean what it meant to me for the haiku, it was very illustrative of an actual event. Some dog once justified their unbelievably bad behavior by claiming they were only a “stimulus response creature”. Meaning of course, they had no responsibility for any course of events as being merely a reactionary creature to whoever was in front of them. Had to break it to them that, in fact, they weren’t merely an amoeba, and thus actually did bear all responsibility for their actions. Didn’t go over well. LOL. Thanks again for your visit.

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        • Hahaha… that question really did make me laugh. No. ‘They’ more than doubled down on their stories to those who still listen, I’d say quadrupled them at the minimum! Time reveals all though…

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