Light Support; Shaped by Haiku

Awakened white seas
Clocks ring loudly, finally
The brown been waiting

Dipping polished toes
Safety check for measured calm
Mustn’t stir too much

Awareness; fear roused
Voted for chains for years
Emergency now

Must rally a spine
Refined emancipation
Is it safe enough

White seas mostly safe
Standing Rock, Africa; not
Still crushed in between

Witnessed lunch ladies
Sounding bells to wake; small fights
Hopes to be movements.

Fear shakes up the bobs
Their voices speak out, lightly
A real enough shift?


I’d witnessed a couple of semi-‘ladies who golf and lunch’ having a discussion surrounding Trump’s upcoming policy changes. They were Republicans, one of which presumably, after some consideration and perhaps listening to news sources outside of Fox News, did not vote for Trump.

It was she who brought up the legitimacy of his changes. The other challenged her with a certain level of strength (not in policy knowledge, but in force of voice). This caused the non-alpha to step her point back and re-frame it as a statement akin to, “I was just sayin'”…

Yep, I thought, some of them have started to see the threats aren’t just about the formerly conveniently distant folk, but neither the threat, nor these ladies, were anywhere near the levels of marching for change just yet.

Although, perhaps we can give points for non-alpha later deleting that conversation and replacing it with several feverishly forwarded messages of those who dare to speak first, followed a week later with some test-i-fyin’!  Howah, look at girl go now!


3 thoughts on “Light Support; Shaped by Haiku

  1. Hello Robyn,

    I like your poem. “small fights – Hopes to be movements.” Wow!

    You dare to hope in difficult places – for folks you owe nothing. I love that about you.

    Allow me to collaborate:

    I live below Kokanee glacier – a few steps away from Kokanee Creek and Kootenay Lake.
    A thousand feet below the glacier, I have watched a tiny droplet of water melt from ice:

    and drip into a tiny rivulet of water which flows via a tiny mountain creek and then a tiny mountain lake:

    down the mountain either North, East, South or West, into roaring Spring creeks that flow into the Slocan or Kootenay river & lake systems:

    where that one tiny little drip joins all of the other drops and eventually flows to ‘Brilliant’:

    the location of the confluence of the Kootenay River and the flow of the mighty Columbia River.

    One drop. From all over the place. It’s a mighty thing. Given time.


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