La Beauté du Jour…. Tanka Lot


Tres’ récompense for
working the same come-hithers
Bien des champagne
Beaucoup décolletage-filled screens
Non belle special, after all

“Not a Sam-sue, Chris, Dan, nor even a Joe… say Bon Soir, Narcisse”, said the lady.


Message In A Bottle

Called her a lady
’cause east coast friends, north and south
proved that truth for him
Lady knew their secrets though
Wine reveals more than flesh shots


Gone Fishin’

Tank’d a lot, that lot
and soon enough the angels
moved his lifetime best
to The Only Man worthy
Luck to all fish ‘O plenty…


Photo: Feminine Sacrifices, by RL: partially posterized & colorized.

8 thoughts on “La Beauté du Jour…. Tanka Lot

    • Ha ha ha. Thanks, Paul. This partly references the results of drunk-dialing experiences. They can sometimes net all kinds of interesting details that can be used either nefariously or within beautiful compassion. Depends on the character of the one called more than the caller, I think.


  1. That’s some deep shiz there, lady. Something tells me a head or two might learn riding out rough seas isn’t the same thing as being dumb or loopy. Good onya, sweets.

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