The Love You Make is Equal To…Frickin’ Awesome If You Can Match the Joy This Inspires

Steven tyler 2

When life knocks you onto your buttocks and it feels like you may never catch your breath or a break again, sometimes something really, really wonderful shows up.

Maybe it’s not the lotto win or the love of your life, but it gives you at least a few minutes of awesome respite. Real awe.  Awe, as in the original intention of the term, reverential respect, astonishment, extra special wonder…

I know inspirations can be anything for anyone, but for me, a little gem I came across  a couple of years ago was positively heavenly in its level of power and I have returned to bow at it’s rainbow-hued unicorn hooves as much as needed since.

It is the  2010 Kennedy Center’s honoring of Sir Paul McCartney. It is a masterpiece of musical powerhouses, but within that group of exceptional talent, Steven Tyler, heartbeat of Aerosmith, brought me to my feet especially.

Steven’s initial magnificent mix is in this first link:  Steven Tyler 2010 Kennedy Center Honoring Paul McCartney



If you really, really want to treat yourself to a show that brought the President of the United States, the First Lady, Oprah,  the Sir Paul McCartney and even Sir Stoic, Colin Powell to their feet in joyous glee, watch the whole portion of that tribute: 13 Minutes and 50 Seconds of Sublime 

If this doesn’t have you up in mind, body or spirit, somebody better call the coroner. You have to be dead.


On another note: My 2016 posts were mostly written weeks ago and pre-scheduled for publishing while I’ve been taking care of some things. (see Weird Normal – February 19). I’d hoped by now I’d be back in the saddle fully, but that hasn’t quite worked out. So until I get there, maybe you’ll bear with me & some sporadic posts, maybe you’ll scan some of my older stuff and enjoy the occasional guest post from fabulous people. 
 Cheers for now.   ❤

19 thoughts on “The Love You Make is Equal To…Frickin’ Awesome If You Can Match the Joy This Inspires

    • OK, got to watch all 13 minutes and 50 seconds – and it was great! Sporadic posts, old posts, whatever, whenever you feel like you can put something up, we’ll be here. Take as long as you need, though i hope you feel better soon.

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        • It is funny, although I am a “classic rock” person, I love No Doubt and thought their Penny Lane was great. And then I read “Be patient, etc.,” in the comments of the video. I laughed.
          I made a commitment to post every day in February. I just missed Monday and Tuesday. If things keep going like this you won’t have a hard time keeping up with me 😉
          And of course, no matter what I will stick around 🙂

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  1. Oh Robyn, thank you for sharing this today! I treated myself, listening to the full 13:50 of sublimeness!!! How incredible it must be for a musician to sit & listen to such talent sing their beloved songs. To know how your music has touched millions….wow!!!

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  2. Wonderful video, absolutly worth see more than one or twice and so on – always enjoyed both McCartney and Aerosmith a lot – brings up so much atmosphere – our life is a long walk to enjoy mostly – the fabulous views from the highest peaks – then we have to wander through dark gorges and tunnels too… 🙂

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  3. I LOVE THAT!!! If life knocks you on your butt take a brake! LOL I need to remember that! I find to often we are ALL to hard on ourselves! SOMETIMES it’s cool to take a second and enjoy the birdies! Thank you for that I will carry it with me!

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    • Thanks so much for taking up the suggestion! I’m really glad to hear you liked it. Sorry for my late reply… I have no idea how I missed your comment. Well, maybe I do and it has a lot to do with prescribed drugs! Thanks so much for coming by. Take care.


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