Red tree 2The 3 demons urged
Sacrifice the Valkryie
Aye, smirked he, it’s done

She rose to the light
After shedding wings of blood
Freed of all demons

Demon sustenance
Disrespect, disloyalty
Forever vanquished



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About Blog Woman!!!

Once in a while I can rock a thought. I simply believe in what I stand up for. I'd most like people to know that surviving the trials of mountains and monsters is more than resilience - it’s a path to your destiny. On a mostly weekly basis I throw out a grab-bag of facts, ideas or creativity; like a box of chocolates wrapped in ribbons of occasional profanity.... In other words, it's my party I can fun if I want to. So, waddya say, can we talk?
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8 Responses to Redemption

  1. Paul says:

    Yawowza – Valkyries! Duck!.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nia:wen Yes you rocked the thoughts. Love it!

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  3. BYOTP says:

    I’m so very sorry. Such an arsehole.


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