I Was Hacked, & By Friendly Fire Too

Unfortunately I was hacked and a post was put up on my page without my involvement today.  Although I am in support of the knowledge contained in the report that was posted, I will not support the tactics used to place it on my page.

I am a strong supporter of Indigenous issues and I speak out regularly on various platforms often and proudly, but I’m sorry that someone felt that placing their view, even if well-intentioned, without my permission would be a viable method.  I will ask for help if I have trouble finding my own words.

I appreciate someone else wanting help in spreading the word about the incredibly uninformed and racist views of Conservative candidates, but ask for my assistance, do not impose your will on me, the way Canadian policies were imposed on our ancestors.

I am aware of these candidates, I speak out about them, I encourage people to seek out the backgrounds of who they may be voting for, but most of all, please use the hard-earned right to do so.


10 thoughts on “I Was Hacked, & By Friendly Fire Too

  1. I’m sorry you were hacked. I would not like someone to hijack my blog. You said, “I will ask for help if I have trouble finding my own words.” I’m assuming that won’t happen because as far as I can tell, you have little need for help there! You express yourself very well.


    • Hi Paul – no, was able to ascertain who it was for sure. Hopefully, I’ll be safe for now, but I know if anyone is really determined, they’ll find a way.
      Anyhoo, will check out Willow Dot soon. Thanks again.

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  2. Hacked?!?! My goodness, that’s unnerving. I have both of your posts saved in my inbox – reading backwards and found this one first.
    “I will ask for help if I have trouble finding my own words.”
    I will always prefer your words 🙂

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    • Hi Michelle – Yes, it is very unnerving. It’s hard to find out how vulnerable you are despite all precautions. The post that was put up was factual and interesting, but just wow, at the way to present it. Anyway, thank you for, as usual, your wonderful support and your endless kindness.

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  3. Sorry to hear about the hacking- that just sucks. And kudos to you for declaring your boundaries and letting people know that even if you stand on the same side of any fence that to hack ure blog is not okay.

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    • HI, Diahann, yeah, it was such a shock to get a notice that I’d published a post. I thought I’d lost my mind for a minute. Anyway, it’s too bad whomever decided to go that route, because it’s likely I would have been happy to post it and more. So dumb, and a little scary to know despite all precautions, I could be taken out anytime.


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