Two Years for Me! And the Irish Celebrate the Indigenous!

Two years of dedication to informing, amusing, irritating, or boring! I know how to perform to expectation.  At least, I think so, but considering this is the day of green beer again, I won’t guarantee anything through a lens of verdant bubbles.

For 24 months as of today, I have loved meeting new you’s and the pals who’ve stuck around long enough for me to able to call them friend.  I am so pleased, honored, and humbled by that; you are the quality of life. You have no idea how you’ve shaped my world, but you have and for the better. Thank you for everything you’ve shared in your own amazing words of wisdom, your creativity, and most definitely your humor.

I’ve also used this past year to write more from time to time about my Indigenous ancestry and the issues that surround it.  Yesterday, I came across a story I had no idea about and I doubt many do, but  it couldn’t have made a more perfectly timed appearance in my newsfeed.  It is about a March 1847 effort by the Choctaw people in Scullyville, Oklahoma, who gathered funds and provisions to help the Irish during their great famine.

This effort was a mere 17 years after the Choctow were among those made to walk the Trail of Tears to great desperation and decimation themselves. This year an Irish town will erect a pretty poignantly designed sculpture in gratitude to those Choctow.  It’s quite a story and you can read about it here at Irish Central (March 6):  Irish town builds memorial to thank Native Americans who helped during Famine

Irish Memorial to Choctaw

Memorial sculpture of eagle feathers in Cork, Ireland in thanks to the Choctaw Nation

Happy Green, Happy St. Paddy’s Day, and Happy 2 Awesome Years with Y’all!

Irish road



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13 Responses to Two Years for Me! And the Irish Celebrate the Indigenous!

  1. trentpmcd says:

    Congratulations on your two years of blogging! I didn’t know the Choctow/Irish connection. I’m glad they still remember in Ireland.

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    • Thanks, Trent! Yes, I’d never heard about this Irish/NA connection before, so it was a really great find. It reminded me of the Belgian and French tributes to Cdn soldiers. Pretty heartwarming stuff.

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  2. Lynn says:

    Happy anniversary! So wonderful to have met you here & share our stories & our thoughts. To many, many more written words!

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  3. Paul says:

    Beautiful tribute to the Choctaw. Thank you so much Robyn for blogging about First Nations. You have taught me a lot about the history of our country and about the First Nations in the States. I see you have a unique collection of comments below so I’ll leave you to address them.


  4. joannesisco says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! 🙂

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  5. diahannreyes says:

    Congrats!! So happy to read your work and I love how you’ve been so honest and eloquent about exploring your lineage through your writing.


  6. Ah, Happy Blogiversary, Kindred Sister! I’m so happy to have met you here in Blogland! I can’t imagine not knowing you and counting you among “my circle of peeps”. ❤

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