Light Late Summer Musings

You know those times when your mind is just flooded with inspiration, plans, the memories of great events – all great blog fodder and you think, I’ve got to write some of this stuff down, but you don’t because there is just so much that, you haven’t got a clue how to get started?  Yes?  Well then, you don’t even have to read any more and I appreciate any commiseration and sympathies you might be willing to share with me.

Pirate sweet talk… Uh, pirates tend to speak with their hands.

I’ve had a really wonderful month of August by spending most of it in the fabulous maritime province of Nova Scotia. This visit really is worthy of several columns, but I suppose until I come up with some unique-ish perspective on all of it, it will all end up just sounding like those old vacation videos everyone used to cringe at when invited to watch them.  Oh, don’t breathe out too much of a sigh of relief just yet; there is definitely one or two of those coming.  ……..

It also happens to be the time of the year when the to-do lists begin to pile up for fall work promotions and kick-offs, the requests for volunteering needs, and oh yes, school prep.  That is, if school is going to start any time soon in our area.  I came home to the news that the school strike/lockout from June is expected to head into late September and possibly even October.  That certainly explained all the parental teeth gnashing, and possibly breakage, I kept hearing while finalizing my plans to fully unpack.  

Then some cretin, formerly known as friend, sent me one of those countdown to Christmas memes. Had me pondering how seriously and how far I was willing to take my Jason costume idea for Halloween. (Well, there is a prize for most committed at the annual party).

Time, oh time, where ‘for art’ thou?  Why hast thou forsaken me?

Then there are the social causes I support of which lately, there seems to be a lot of developments that capture my attention and emotions. … Now that I think about it, I guess I have done a lot of writing lately, but that’s been copious letters to the Editors or in reply to other reader comments.  There’s no shortage of sources of misrepresentation or outright fabrications for virtually any topic in news sources. Actually, this writing activity has also been a lot of fun. There is something empowering and de-stressing when getting to counter misinformation with fact.  Enlightenment lightens! That’s my August guru moment.

Carrying on, facts tend to be a kind of conversion stopper for some, but they can also send another kind of mentality straight into Loony Town.  Not that, that’s my intention, mostly, but drawing out the argument is an irresistible opportunity to correct even more fallacies. Plus, no matter how much someone debating you wants to discredit your views, what you’ve written will always be there for other eyes open to um, informal learning.

Hey, that’s really not unlike our blog posts.  So, despite feeling like I was falling behind on one of my most cherished activities, I really have loads of posts already published for world-wide viewing.  Oh why oh why didn’t I sign them with my blog name? #missedopportunities. Sorry, I’ve been tweeting with the zeal of the newly converted too.

So, it’s confirmed then, I’ve been writing all along, even through all the extra inspirations, plans, and memories of great events.  Now, must add the latest item on that to-do:  catch up of fellow blogger posts.  Can’t wait!


25 thoughts on “Light Late Summer Musings

  1. Hey there Robyn! Great to see you back. So you’ve been touring the most beautiflul province in the country, eh? I’m sure you were welcomed with open arms – and some good Moosehead. Ha! I used to haul truckloads of that from Halifax and then St. John N.B. for export all down the American East cosat. It was a very popular import there – from Connecticut to Florida. the fun part was that I ran a reefer (temperature controller trailer) so I could crank it up and have lots of cold beer (I never “borrowed” any but we were constantly being given sample cases and broken cases in thanks for good service).

    I like your philosophy of getting the truth out there – and an opportunity with each untrue comment to get the picture straight. (I too have a hard time walking by a crooked picture without reaching out to straighten it. Ha!) Some people don’t like that so I’;m sure you have created lots of controversy. Awesome! Loveit!

    As I said before – you’re an adopted Bluenoser – part of the family. 😀


    • Ha ha ha Paul… well, I have another post coming out late tonight that may or may not produce some ‘issue’.. LOL. I am not afraid of ruffling feathers of the uninformed.

      Anyway, Nova Scotia was utterly awesome! God, I love that place! My son was SO proud that he found an old Moosehead jersey from the senior team that no longer exists.
      It was awfully hard to come home. Actually, I really don’t know which area to call home any more. Sigh. You must really miss it.

      I haven’t been able to read your recent posts, but I hope to catch up on those soon, or the least, catch the next ones. It was great to hear from you, and I sure hope you are keeping well. Take good care, fellow Bluenoser!


    • Hi Lynn, yes, it was an absolutely near to heavenly experience. I don’t know why, but even doing the most mundane chores out there somehow feels privileged. It sure is hard getting back into routine here, I can tell you! Anyway, wonderful to see you – it’s so nice catching up with friends! 🙂


  2. That affliction we all seem to be suffering from – so much to do, so little time!! In the summer it is half-expected that people will disappear on adventures …. i’m guessing yours were amazing! Welcome back 🙂


  3. Ahoy, me Hearty! I thought you must’ve died. (I had even organized the party). Then, like a comet lighting up the sky you make a sudden reappearance. Welcome back! A delightful read as always.


    • Ahoy yourself, ya ol’ Scallywag! LOL. Oh, what an amazingly, lovely time I had on those high eastern seashores. So hard to get back into the thick of it here, but attempt it, I must. ARgH!!!!!!! OMG, I shudder to think of how much of your prolific talent I have missed over the last few weeks. EEEEEEK.


  4. I wonder all the same things, and am fervently batting away questions as to why I’m not blogging as much, and I truly WANT to be, I have much to say!

    I have never learned to tweet. I’m barely figuring out the blogging!

    Welcome back to reality!


    • Hello, and how nice to get your visit. Thanks so much for that, and the commiseration. I’m doing my best to get back to that reality thing, but in all honesty, I’m really not too sure how successful I’ve been so far. Oh well, I suppose I can just write about that too, LOL

      Looking forward to reading some more of your stuff!



  5. Robyn, as I mentioned on my blog to you, I’ve missed you and your words but glad that you took some time and happy you are back. Summer is a funny time- of pleasures and plans and simultaneously other things that there is just no time for. I know it’s been that way for me, too! Yet here we are again. Yay, us!

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