Thanks Bloggers, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

frantic writer

Arrrrgh!  I am falling behind in my own writing and I can’t get up.  It’s entirely your fault!  Yes you, you fellow bloggers.  I have been catching up on your writing.  I follow a great number of blogs, but only because a great many of you are great writers!

I frantically flip through the humorists while scarfing down my favorite yogurt and fruit in the morning.  You are funny as hell, by the way.  I read the short fiction stories while I scarf down a quick lunch – wow, if only I had half of that creativity. While contemplating my son’s requests for later bed times and higher allowance, I read the thoughtful musings on everything from parenting to how we view ourselves, to what really burns someone’s butt.  Thanks for the respective reassurances, great ideas, and food for thought.  It goes on and on from there, and I stand transfixed while dinner burns.

I wonder if I’ve fallen into some kind of wordy Alice trap – navigating through mazes and mazes of great advice, ideas, creativity and interesting and thought provoking opinions and situations.  I think I should be inspired by all of this, but I somehow come away feeling — empty. My mind is the storied black hole. Am I intimidated too much by so much goodness?  Have I morphed from a ‘journaling’ addict to a comparative reading junkie?

So much to see, so much to learn, and I know I still have opinions and thoughts of my own aplenty.  I just don’t seem to be able to string them into a reasonable string of sentences that will eventually make a point.

WordPress itself tries to help me with all their daily great suggestions and writing tip prompts.  Great ideas WP and I will get to those, maybe right after I catch just this latest post from Ned.  And You’ve Been Hooked, and Twisted Sifter, and Gotta Find A Home….  Arrrrghh….

So, uh, anyone got any good tips?


12 thoughts on “Thanks Bloggers, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

    • Thanks Lisa – believe me, I had you in mind for my list of wonders too, but then realized I’d begun to type my blog roll. LOL. By the way, your pictures are gorgeous. No wonder mysterious captains and 1st mates call for you in the night…. Happy Friday to you too!


      • um…those are mighty kind words! NOW if I could just get those from a man!! Why cant I get those words from a man? sigh….

        That being said, YOUR blog is the bombdiggity! LOVE IT! And let me tell you, I found an awesome fashion blog called wink and pout…they have an app too. you must checkit out. I blogged (screamed) about it today.

        I also love when bloggers tell about others blogging nice to read other blogs you dont know about. GREAT POST my dear!


        • Thanks Lisa – am heading to your page after lunch.

          As for kind words –

          Blogging dudes: have you seen this witty woman’s photo and posts?? Get on with the words of due complimentary direction already and stamp out that sigh!!!


        • hahaaha…all I read on my phone was thanks lisa…
          I get home and now see ALL of your comment. Funny!

          So YES blogging dudes…YES…stamp out my sighs…
          I lost my copy of 50 Shades on SW airlines..I read several chapters beforehand. Not sure if I am into bondage…but I’d try it? Does that count? hehe


  1. Blogs are a lot more fun than that dreadful site that I won’t mention, but it rhymes with ace schnook. I often leave there with a sense of despair for the human race. Here is quite the opposite.


    • That was a good laugh! Of course you are right.
      Hmm, I shudder to think what some might think of my ace schnook posts.
      I really do enjoy reading the expanded thoughts and interests of the blogs, although I have come across some blogs that appear to be darn near copies of the a.s. walls, complete with dinner pictures and only – this was my dinner – for narrative.
      Thanks for the visit!


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