5 thoughts on “Deserted Dreams… reminded

    • Haha, thanks. Nothing much, just a stroll along memory beach. I was reminded of an old story which was very sad; a big, cowardly lion dressed up as a wolf and it was all very Alice in W-land stuff. The lion created the same W-Land rabbit hole wherever he went and it swallowed everything up. Unlike the cowardly lion in Oz, this one just kept shamelessly hiding, which kept this story’s Alice lost for a long, long time. Weird how there are beings who enjoy that sort of thing. Anyway, that’s the end of story time for today. The world could use some grown-ups to get back to work. LOL. Thanks for your visit, it’s been awhile, hey? Hugs.


      • Yeah, loads of wankers clueless about how good they had till it’s all goners. Keep takin care of yourself, you star. Wishing you the best of the best for 2017. It ain’t like you haven’t paid for it. *hugging you back*


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