Thank you!! Hiccup!

There once was a girl from Vancouver,
Whose 1st anniversary unnerved  ‘er.
She tried to be clever,
but St. Paddy said, What-ever,
Just write thanks & end our damned torture!

There are some advantages to starting any endeavor on St. Patrick’s Day, and one of them is drinking green beer or  writing limericks while doing it.  If you’re like me, you don’t believe in unnecessary compromises, so I did both.  I can’t say how well it turned out, but like all St. Paddy’s Day activities, I’ll see how it turned out tomorrow.  Hopefully it doesn’t involve any mug shots.

In the meantime,  I had a year of quite a few firsts,  but I’ll say that this first year of public writing has been especially gratifying.  Within this world of worlds, there were experiences I had no idea I would have.  For starters, who knew that you can make some really great friends in this cyber-world?

I remember pining away for pen pals when I was I kid.  I dreamed of having all kinds of discussion with kids who would tell me all about their exotic lives in their exotic homes somewhere far away.  I ended up waiting all these years to discover them within the WordPress forum – the truest pen pals of the 21st century.

I’ve mentioned a lot recently, of how many incredible and simply wonderful people have taken the time to read my posts and lend their voices in response.  There is a shared intimacy that reaches depth of feeling and understanding not usually found in some of the other forums we use, like Facebook or LinkedIn.  There is also a frankness that flows easily, but very respectfully and is so enlightening.

Thanks so very much to my friends who have faithfully followed.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much it means that you have stuck with me and tell me your thoughts about what I’ve written

Happy 1st AnniversaryI’ve also been honored to have gained a wider following this year that I am damned proud of. The quality of writers and remarkable people that I get to call my community is beyond gratifying.  I have learned so much from them, and they have gifted me with their amazing talent and insight.  I wish I could name everyone who I have enjoyed crossing paths with, but for now, I would like to give a shout-out to a few people who gave something unique to my heart and efforts in this first year:

I got to be a Groupie 🙂 , for  Ned Hickson  – official and everything, and in writing at least 5 times.  I followed his blog and have laughed at with him ever since.  He has been a really supportive influence in more ways than one, and he’s a great source for writing advice.

I got utterly hooked on Robert Hookey – he is a chronicler of his bellman activities in Niagara Falls.  You CANNOT believe what goes on in hotels! Robert AKA The Hook captures the shenanigans with great humour.  I appreciate his comments which are always thoughtful, or funny, or both, and despite claiming to be a jerk, is a really decent person.

I met a fellow survivor of coming back from the edge & favorite twitter (twisted?) sister Lisa Johnson Sawyer – loads of laughs and commiseration.

Melanie, Christy, Diahann Reyes – These beautiful women have survived so, so much and they support and inspire truckloads of us with amazing knowledge, grace, and kindness.

JT Weaver – the accomplished writer who scared the bejezus out of me when we talked about doing a guest blog on his site.  I got whatever is the equivalent of tongue-tied and couldn’t write a full page for some time.  He got me back on track with some tough love that I have been able to use for everything ever since.  Don’t be afraid, he’s a keeper, and he will help.

So, thanks again everyone, here’s to bigger and better for the next year.  I now hoist a magical mug o’ green beer; it apparently disappears immediately after a toast.  Cheers to you all!


26 thoughts on “Thank you!! Hiccup!

  1. You’re a year old! Congrats. And congrats on the success of the blog. Always enjoyable. Always thought-catching. I’m proud to be a follower – the fact that I’m a follower makes me think I’ve still got a bit of proper judgement hidden somewhere in the depths. Fantastic!


  2. One year is a big deal–sounds like we started around the same time! Mine was last month! So I’m a new groupie, having only just found you last month, but just want to say Congratulations, and I look forward to reading more of your writing and being part of this great community you have created.


    • Oh Robin! Sounds like I’m about to talk to myself! :D. Thank you so much for your kindnesses to me. You really do know how to put a smile on someone’s face and in their heart. Thank you for this, and I hope we can both take the world by storm in our second years. Cheers to you.


  3. Year two is when I really started to find my place and pace here. It’s a great year of growth. Congrats on Year 1! Looking forward to another year.


    • Thanks Melanie! I do feel like I am starting to get a more solid handle on this business, It’s also nice to hear the benefit of your experience confirm that. I am very happy to leave the nervousness of year one behind. Thanks again.


    • Thanks so much Beth! I really hope that this next year also opens my eyes to see the world a little more like you do. I love all the details you seem to catch in the things we walk past every day. Cheers to you too.


  4. Happy Anniversary, Robyn! And I’m honored to get to be part of your journey. Thank you so much for including me in your lovely list of mentions above. Thank you also for continuing to inspire me with your words and all that you have to say. Much to celebrate for sure! Here’s to an even more amazing year for you.


  5. Happy Blog-o-versary! (Is that a word? Well, it is now, LOL.)

    Huge congrats on Year One. I agree with Melanie that Year Two is really a settle in and get comfy year. You start to feel like you have less to prove, you can just be yourself (even more of yourself).

    Truly happy to have met you. You’re a brilliant writer, a kind friend, and a helluva cheerleader.


    • Thank you SO much Christy! Blog-o-versary is a word that is going to gain major prominence – I just know it! LOL
      I am really looking forward to year two as well. I am more than willing to drop that nervousness of year one!
      Thank you for your fabulous compliments, and I am always thrilled to cheer people on who are doing something, who are actually ‘being’. I have my reasons for that, and actually, I’ll be damned if you didn’t just inspire me to write a little something about this now. Well then, thanks for that too!! LOL.
      Biggest of hugs for you girl. Keep on the daily march and see you soon!


  6. Robyn, it has been — and continues to be — such a pleasure to watch your writing and confidence grow, and to get to know you better over the past year. I’m honored and flattered to have your as my “groupie,” but even more so to call you a friend. Cheers *hiccup* to the upcoming year and what these cyber pages will hold.


    • Oh my God, what a love fest the last two posts have been. Holy smokes, I’m going to have to write something super edgy now to try to add balance. Maybe I’ll write something Samara-ish, Of course, I’d have to completely make up that story. Oh man. Maybe I should just tell the story of why there’s a dead body in my basement. Kidding!! It’s in my back yard.
      Thanks again Ned. See you on the beat, or on a spy-cam (see my last tweet to you). Cheers to you!


  7. First of all Congratulations!
    As always, it seems this writing finds us at a commadary of likeness of friends. I will take twisted. Ha! Woot!
    Thank you for the wonderful words! And yes…I’d take sister. Anyday of the week. 😀
    Love it and You!!


    • Ha ha… Thanks Lisa. You know there is a band named after us? – Twisted Sister. The lead singer could be a dead ringer for either of us. LOLOLOL….

      See you in Tweetsville.

      Hey, why haven’t we heard more about the wedding planning details? Hope you aren’t being driven too mad.


    • It was your bell captain and it’s experimental really; He read: How to Re-Train and Influence Bellmen Through Positive Reinforcement. I told him, good luck with that.

      Thanks Robert, you are one of a kind – in a great way.


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