Un-Beliebable! I Am Finished Defending You Justin

Beibs you let me down.  I stood up for you man, dumb stunt after dumb stunt and again.  When it got all cool to bash you and your success here in your home country, I would say, hey – lay off the kid.  This is a talented Canadian teen.  He is a truckload of Canadian talent & he’s representing us.  Why do you have to tear him down; we should have his back.  Canadians stand united even on the pop front.

To be honest, I didn’t get a lot of response.  Probably because I’m older than dirt, and the kids still behave with a little respect for their elders. If I didn’t get them to think about it for a minute, they at least, had the good graces to laugh derisively behind my back.  For sure they didn’t stand over me and blow spit on my face.

Official Bieber Arrest Photo

Official Justin Bieber Arrest Photo January 22, courtesy Michael Graham

I can’t defend you any more kid, and believe me, despite your birth certificate saying you are now over 18 years old, you are very much still a kid.  You are a kid who needs a good kick in the get-it-together back pockets.  So do all of your “handlers”, because once again, despite all the “love” we’ve seen them declare for you, none of them actually practised it.  It’s pretty clear that guiding and growing you into a decent person was nowhere in the plan to cash-in on the star.

So once again, we get to watch another pool of talent ride the tide into the ocean of too rich, too soon, too cool for school, I’mma be gangsta joke. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  Now you’ve even got jail cred.  Sweet.  How cool is that?

It’s not cool.  It’s as uncool as you pissing into a janitor’s cleaning bucket.  It’s as uncool as you egging your neighbour’s house.  As uncool as anyone who is in deep trouble and needs someone, anyone, to drag you back up from the sewage for air.

You got dragged into it as an unprotected young kid, and it’s desperately sad that you grew into all the issues that bring these take-downs, but now that you are on your own, and technically an adult, you have to take your own hard look in the mirror.  It would  be great if even those folks paying you the big bucks, or saying they care about you, would finally tell it to you straight.

But, they won’t.  Not if history with the other fallen teen angels is any indication.  Just like how you got here, you’re on your own for the rest of this ride.  It’s up to you to now.  You’ll need to go somewhere, call someone, or go find a genuine friend who still cares about your genuine success as a person in life.  You will need to do that to get yourself back to a place that truly cradles your talents, hopes, and beliefs.

Bieber Mug Shot 1-22-14

Street Cred – Not!

Judging from the kiss-off you gave to the press as you left jail, I doubt you’ll do something like that any time soon, but I really hope you do Justin.  As a mother, and a Canadian who was proud of another huge achiever from the true North strong and free, I wish for you a far happier and a most definitely real life.  I would love to be able to say again, hey – that kid is an amazing Canadian.

For now, you are no longer a talented Canadian kid who followed his passion.  For now, you are only a terribly sad example of what not to be.  And for God’s sake, wipe that smile off of your face – it’s a mug shot!




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14 Responses to Un-Beliebable! I Am Finished Defending You Justin

  1. Bruce Goodman says:

    Those who greedily made him what he is, perhaps should be the convicted ones? Great posting whatever opinion one holds!


    • Thanks much Bruce! You raise a good point. Clearly the people who oversee the career portion of these kid’s lives take the position of childcare by distractions – toys, clubs, booze/drugs. I often wonder if it shouldn’t be legislated that these kids must have regular life counseling along with the mandatory schooling.


  2. I would say what I think he needs as a mother….but…y’all would probably call social services on me.
    He, Lindsay, and Miley need to all be locked up for about…um…10 years in one 10×10 room with an open toilet. Yeah. With no exposure to the world.
    Let their asses grow the hell up.
    What a disgrace to all the kids of the world.


    • Lisa! Hello Missy! Seems like forever since I last heard your fine Southern drawl.

      Yes, these kids do need a mother willing to wring butt, and I wouldn’t call social services on that!! It’s really too bad that a lot of people want to be friends more than parents to their kids. I see the same results in regular life families too because being a parent is hard work, and that’s too much work for a lot of people. Tragic.


  3. Pamela says:

    Well said Robyn, I too take pride in our great Canadian talent. JB has been rude & disrespectful, basically a ‘punk’. If he had any brains at all, he would fire the people working for him for not having the balls to tell him the truth.


  4. diahannreyes says:

    So sad. I feel like we all need to start taking an even harder look at this star making system- something is turning so many of them into these success stories gone awry. Hopefully someone steps in before there is a tragic ending.


    • I think there is still something innately sweet in this kid,(yes, I said it kids). I will remain hopeful that he will get through this trial by fire period intact. I also hope it won’t take him until his 40s to figure it out. Thanks for coming by Diahann, it’s always nice to feel your friendly presence.


  5. jorgekafkazar says:

    From my perspective his “innate sweetness” is about 1/32″ deep and fading fast as his egocentric core begins to poke through in places. The only incentive to change is pain, and he has the money and the sycophants it attracts to isolate himself from the consequences of his selfish actions. If the money ever runs out, he’s doomed.


    • Yes, I understand why you would feel that. His behavior has been so abysmal, which I think has been largely influenced by those sycophants who should be far better influences considering the age and experience they have over him.
      Having gone through a few firewalls myself, I guess I feel I can sense a small spark of hope if at all possible. But, you may be absolutely correct in saying that it may take the loss of everything for him to get over his current out of control false reality. I only hope that it won’t.
      Thanks so much for your visit Jorge!


  6. The Hook says:

    He’s burning his bridges faster than the tabloids can keep up.
    Dumb kid.


    • jorgekafkazar says:

      Yes. But it’s not his IQ that’s the problem. It’s his arrogance. I went to high school with someone a lot like him. Most of us seniors were hoping for a car that ran; LHC got a top-end Cadillac. The toadies lined up on all sides to feed his ego. I couldn’t stand him. If I had it to do over, I’d have been a little kinder to him. When the money ran out, thirty years later, he was unprepared to deal with life and he killed himself.


  7. dweezer19 says:

    Well said. Unfortunately this does not just apply to famous youth. I see it in my sons’ groups of friends as well, especially those of some affluence. They simply let toys, gadgets, tv, social activities and friends become the major influence in their children’s lives. Too many parents want to be as cool as their kids or are too busy to be bothered or are oblivious as long as the kid puts on a good act. But hey folks, if you wait to assert leadership and rules until they are walking out the door, flipping you off, well…it is near nigh to too late without a fight. Great post. I hope Justin can get it together. I like to think of Drew Barrymore. She pulled out of it finally. One can hope.


    • I think you hit the nail on the head with the observation that too many parents need to be cool instead of parents. I also like your point about Drew Barrymore. There really can be light at the end of these tunnels. Thanks for another visit!


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