Um Adriana, I Don’t Like You Like That

I got another email from Adriana today. At first I was annoyed at her constant repetitive messages. However, now as the months have gone by, I am starting to worry about her.  She really doesn’t seem to be able to move forward in life.

typistShe said she chatted with me quite a bit on Facebook before I deleted her.  I can honestly say, I don’t recall any of that. Nothing, nada, zip.  She does admit a little further in the letter that maybe she only chatted with me a couple of times.  I wonder if this was while I was on those serious morphine drips.

She keeps saying she is newly single and moving near me soon.  Seems she’s not able to move quickly, ‘cause she’s still where she was when she started writing about seven or eight months ago, plus she might have to start making better choices in the love department if her relationship cycle is down to one  or two week increments.  Poor thing.  Maybe I can help her out with that.

Actually, I’d better help her out with that.  Apparently somewhere in those early chats, she got the idea I could be some kind of friend with benefits. She said I told her how cute she is. I blame the morphine.  Then she asks if I’m married, and drops lots of hints about what we could do together.  She “loves the outdoors and to socialize, go out for drinks, restaurants, movies etc”.  She also calls me Babe. I think the sooner I can get her set up with someone, the less likely I am to hurt her feelings when I have to point out that I don’t really like her ‘like that’.

She said she’s currently employed with some kind of chat site where she actually gets paid to chat, etc.  Sounds like a pretty good gig to me.  I can chat anyone’s ear off; I wonder what the pay is like?

On the other hand, she said she needs to find work when she does finally get here.  I hope that’s not a hint to help her find a job.  I’m not sure what I could endorse her for, maybe something with repetitive tasks.

I wonder why she couldn’t just set up the same chat thing here.  It would save a lot of effort to get settled, and it would also help a lot in the romantic appeal department.  I’m sure having a job would be a lot easier for me to promote than the level of her libido – something else she likes to point out regularly. Some people are just that comfortable with themselves I guess.

Anyway as a soon to be neighbor, I will do my best to welcome her to the community. Hopefully I will only have to show her around a little.  Hopefully her resume is up to date.  Hopefully she doesn’t add that libido part into her conversation when I introduce her to someone.

I’m not sure what I offered in those alleged conversations, but a little help is the least I could do after her repeated generous offers of some kind of VIP pass code to her chat site, which by the way, includes full access to her webcam. Normally people have to pay some big monthly fees for this, but because I’m a ‘special’ friend, her boss Natalie, says I can have it for free.

I suppose I should log onto it soon to at least let her know I got the gift and say thanks.  Then I can see if we can nail down the dates of her imminent arrival and finally get her onto her new path.

Oh wait, there’s another email from Adriana; I guess I can chat with her now.




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11 Responses to Um Adriana, I Don’t Like You Like That

  1. Check that girls friends stats!

    She may know Ben. Affleck…for all intents and purposes.
    And then? I will become your neighbor. Nothing like a housewives club. So they say…

    We’d find out….


  2. jguenther5 says:

    Oh. Em. Gee. You really had me going, there, for a minute. Fabulous. In every sense.


  3. The Hook says:

    What can I say?
    You rock. Woman!


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